Monday, June 6, 2011

Interview part 2 & Jon Wayshak

Here's part two of that Josh Jones comic attack interview..

In OTHER news...

Fellow 'guy-who'also'draws-weird-crap' (and good friend) Joh Wayshak stopped by the studio on Friday.  The resulting conversation we had... was just what I needed. Much more inspired now, and he's convinced me I've been pointlessly holding back TONS of paintings and sketchbook stuff that's better seen-dumped online.  This goes deeper than just the annoying Publishing vs. Online debate, and is part of a larger plan I've hatched i'll talk about in a few weeks.

Jon's a totally under-rated lesser known as a comic artist and mostly known for his mind-bendingly-astounding illustrations. We're doing some collaborations together too, which I'll throw up too once their finished.