Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Interview, Part 3, & some Emotional Blockage.

Check out Part 3 of Josh Jones' wonderfully comprehensive Comicattack Interview -- sorry it's turning into The Never-Ending-Interview.  Josh told me this is STILL' just the first side of tape one' too - long winded interviews are the fault creators who... do't know when to shut-up, (which sums me up pretty well.)

Also, apologies I'm partially posting using this interview in lieu of more art this month.

I have some pics I snapped as I as I worked on that Gaiman-Me-Dringenberg Landlady story we did for the Heros Charity. We did what we could, but Mike and I STILL aren't satisfied with it, (the published version isn't the final version.. at least in our minds), thus we're both still tweaking it. But ignore us. Artists are never satisfied, and are best ignored when it comes to whatever they think of their own work (like my interview above proves).  So, I'll try to throw up some ' finished ' (or ' abandoned ') version of it soon.

Plus some photos of a short little cartoony story called "Once upon a Time.." --  I drew it myself, using the e-mails Mike Neil and I exchanged where we talked about how we'd actually DO the Landlady story... this story is also published in the same Heros charity comic. (plug plug)

But these will have to wait.  To say noting of the mountain of mixed media 'Dana-Nola-Magic Trout' paintings I do for my own personal pleasure.  Point is, yeah, There IS stuff in the wings to post, when I can swim my way over to it.  Still slugging my way through some interior 'stuff'... however, tons other people folks out there have it MUCH tougher than me.  So enough bellyaching.

Here's the monolith from 2001,

.... or a black square,

...which is kinda where I'm at.. emotionally.  At least for right now.