Sunday, October 16, 2011

Dana background & some Sneak Peeks & Links...

Here's a couple of goodies Jon Way$hak and I are jamming on.

First is this wonderful painting he posted on his blog, called 'Anne'. This one he started, and it shows. Jon's an amazing painter and it shows. This one is currently sitting in my studio, and now it's my turn to add something to it, trouble is i'll have to paint over some parts he's already painted ... which is a bloody shame,

But hey, he had the same problem with THIS piece I started, that now Jon's was stuck with finishing ( which will soon show up in the Chickens strip were doing together )...  I have to disagree with Jon here, I thought what he added was killer, really beyond what I had in mind.  But we always crap on our own stuff. I guess it's a hobby with us. ; )

Also here's a peak at the first few pages of 30days 1... a few folks passed it to me, and said some kind things.


Dana Back Ground

Okay, here's a process one again. The tough i layed out in my sketchbook, and the finished tree next to it. Sorry i finished the tree before i grabbed my camera, when paintings comes out of me.. it's hard to pause long enough to take a pic.

 Paints always go faster for me than black and white art for some reason.

This I did these two, one painting above, the tree one below,  because I'll composite both in two layers in photoshop later. I also wanted to see how much i could do 'by hand' up front.

Above are those water colored pencils that are so easy to work with. I kept these trees lose because there won't me much detail in them.

Nothing against digital, but everyone knows all the photoshop tricks and plugs in these days. My only change to surprise anyone (or surprise myself) is by hand.

Now things might get interesting..  here's what'll go on the other side of the foreground tree. a big clump of brownish rocks..

So.. once again colored pencils, some japanese Tombow brush pens. These colors dissolve when waters added. Plus some Dr. Martin's dyes Golden Brown in there too.

Let's see where a bigger brush takes it now... slightly more yellowish than i wanted, but i can work some more earthy browns back in while it's still wet.

Notice how softly those nice brown brush lines are fading into the water color yellow-brown?  Sadly they'll probably will get lost too once i add a rougher texture over the whole thing.

What did I say? Oh well. I guess i could have tried to keep them, but the point isn't nice brush lines here, it's a rich dark rugged foreground texture. This rough smear is stamp pad ink worked in with newspaper smeared across the bristol.

Okay, enough upside down crap, let's aggressively smear in some pastel & acrylic orange highlights on the rock crevices. Try to recapture some  some of that motion on those brush lines that got lost.

Okay, still not popping, screw it, may as well go with something really high contrast, good old black oily higgins ink.

It will dry and dull a little, but the blacks should hold up if i don't add to much more on top of it. Let's see if i'm smart enough to leave those black parts alone..

Just to keep me out of trouble, i'll skip up to the other trees on top.  So far this looks pretty awful right now, messily added brush again,

But the tree details aren't the point here, are they? More shape and color.

Wonder what a little water can do to soften things.

A little browns up top and that's about it.

Later i will add some white paint to simulate light shinning through the trees, but today i'm rushed so i'll throw that in in photoshop for right now, but i'll add it by hand later.

The reason I separated high contrast background vs. soft focus foreground is the moss hanging off the tree, yeah, i could have hand painted than in, and have before.. will again.

Okay - here's the finished version. ... so what is this for?

I call it "Dana's Imaginary Back Ground". 

Dana has a Dream world she goes into to escape her mother's phone calls ( nothing autobiographical here, promise mom!)... anyway, I've been working on what this world would look like. I think this is still too boring and real looking, so i will add some bits of food growing off the trees like fruit, only it will be popcorn and candy.. what do you guys think? 

But I got this idea AFTER  i painted this, so maybe next time..