Friday, October 14, 2011

...still wet Asian & Pissed off Mommy

Here's something I came across preparing to move, it's a painter version of the second Maxx cover. I bailed on it because I was still timid about painting back then, did it in black and white instead.

Not sure if i should finish it now, or just leave it as is? Any thoughts?

Few other random things this time too... here's a couple of sketches..

Above is a little cover painting of some tree and moss for my wife.  The other's a plump version of a Frazetta woman, unsure if i've posted these before. Maybe.

Here's something NEW: ... because i finished it only one our ago.

Yet another doodle from the Big Book of Mom... (which is turning out to be less about moms and more the exploding number of fashion doodles/paintings).. but whatever...

Here's the same page, with just a woman's head.. I wasn't wild about this page when i first did it...  doesn't this woman's chin seems a bit too long?  Maybe it's her hair being so big in the back that just makes her face seem longer?

Anyhoo... so an hour later,

here's what it started morphed into...

The gold/white acrylic paint was too wet to scan so I had to snap a few pics for now.

I eventually was so dissatisfied with the additional faces I drew...

..that i just gave up and added , I just gave up and added the Pissed off Mommy on the next page..

The mommy one is self explanatory. I don't drink coffee, but i know lots of women who do. Not that their all like this, before hand. More an excuse to do something fast, frenetic and slightly neurotic looking.

After that, I could went back to the first page and slowly worked some gold and white into the Japanese girl in a kimono on the left. 

It all started from just mixing those two colors. And being pissed off.  At myself. 

It's curious what can happen in an hour's time, how moods affect art, for better and worse, eh?

Here's some sketches I did of my wife's face i did for the bimbo book. Two middle panels... (one with a smile, the other slightly less so..) while technically better, don't impress me as much now.

but these later ones in the sketchbook feel less forced to me. I keep trying for a 'facial gesture' drawing, capturing the spirit of that look in her eye...

They are only a few inches large, while the painting on the far left is about 3 by 4 feet, so though gesture drawings often work better large for me,

i still feel there's something about this sketchbook pages on the brown paper than come closest... but i could be blind as a bat...

..what do you think?

And, (for those fans of 'tiny little pen lines' out there) ... here's a unused cover for Marvel Comics Presents 122. I turned it in, but the editor told me I'd miss counted and forgot there was only six parts, so i did an extra cover for nothing. It wound up being used in some comics interview magazine later.  Gee.. seems like a lifetime ago.

It's funny that, it's not worth as much to art collectors, only because it wasn't technically published, though i think it stronger than some of the covers i did that were published. Weird huh?  But again, the name of *that* game is tiny little lines.

Comments Stuff:

Interesting the Danman Can  asked about Tamara de Lempicka. I'd seen her art many years ago but forgotten all about her deco-y cubist-y style till you mentioned her. Overall, I like it, but I've always sorta had mixed feelings about her stuff, not sure why. Think it may be my ambivalence towards Deco in general.  More of a Nouveau kinda guy, not that one has to choose.

Yeah, Jennifer Kraska mentioned she likes the half tone ojo too. I always scan my stuff this way now. So cool artists can scan their own work now... and not leave it to the comic companies to fiddle with.

Flattered Joanie Koontz would even consider a bimbo tat, but I've seen a lot of my art on guys/girls bodies before, which always blows my mind. I wasn't fishing, but it does my heard good to know some folks out there, read, 'got' and enjoyed bimbo - thanks for the attaboys!

Frank P - yeah man, I agree about crumb. So many undergrounds artists opened the door, but after sex, drugs and rebellion for it's own sake, was sorta a dead end for me, at least story content wise. I found Roberta Gregory, and her bitchy bitch strips and some of the early woman comix artists stories filling that void, which later morphed into indy comics, personal stories. But art wise, Crumb was amazing.

Champloo, (from Argentina right?) - glad your liking everything, the sponges i use on most of my pencils and brushes are because my hand get so sore, the handles literally dig into my hands, which speak to A: holding the brush less tightly, and B: using soft tools to not only soften the brush/pencil, but also to *remind* me be aware of the pressure I used to draw!

Sam ( no, not me, i sorta though it was me at first too, but different sam!) asked about the a local  band called the Bananas lyrics showing in my Bimbo comics? Yeah, I asked the lead singer Mike if he minded and he said it was cool. Your the first person who asked about it! Above is both the Banana Lyrics bimbo page, and non-lyric version.

Isn't it actually less busy page minus the song lyrics?

Paul O'Keefe brought up some valid reasons why the Bimbo comic is sorta underrated among the stuff i've done. Yeah, I thought of it being oversized too, sure as heck be easier to read with all that wordy type, eh? (not cause your canadian, i say that all the time!)

That's it, your finally done! 


cody said...

I think you should leave the page I like the dreamy look fits the maxx. I don't get the value of published art vs not, if the arts good the arts good has nothing to do with if its published in my opinion . James jean got it down his new art even the little pieces that has nothing to do with comics is way more valuable to collectors. confusing. The angry mom is really cool, the lady with the green hair made me think of what the jokers mom would look like. Great to see the high res ojo page, what ever happened with the movie. Bla

the danman can said...

Sam - thanks for the response. I'm not too knowledgeable when it comes to deco, but for some reason de Lempicka's struck me when I first saw it at the MFA in Boston. So much so that I got 2 of her pieces blended together as a backpiece. The bottom 1/2 of my backpiece may look familiar...and I don't know if you'll find it flattering or freaky. Pics:

Also, LOVE the "painter" version of Maxx #2. The blue is sweet. Leave it as is. Or go for it! Either way, if you have a hi-res scan/pic of the original, you should follow your instincts.

champloo said...

Yeah, from argengtina. I have the same issue about the pressure i use when i draw, but i never thought about a sollution of that kind... Gonna steal that technique and see how it works to me!

sam kieth said...

Wow... feels strange posting MY comments down here. hey, should have thought of that a lot earlier, huh?

Yeah Cody, James Jean's the classic cross-over example from comics to gallery art. I don't begrudge collectors taste, in comics of otherwise... I just wanna also be free to do crap *I* enjoy too.

I like the green haired Joker's mom bit. That's just seriously messed up. but i like it. now i have to do a joker mom somewhere.

Now to skillfully change the subject and avoid the dreaded 'Ojo movie' question... : )

Danman, these are awesome! (de Lempicka's i mean) Though I have mostly positive reactions to my own art on other people's skin? I sometimes i find myself wishing i could go back in with a tat ink and fix my old 'mistakes'!

Champloo - Yeah man, draw yourself out of a mistake, steal away! I'm always inspired by how other artists deal with all sorts of crap, (inner or outer).

cody said...

My bad

Fernando Valencia said...

Hi Mr. Kieth. I've been reading your blog since the day you set it up thanks to Sam Kieth fan site set up by Stephen Huczek at facebook & I finally thought of actually leaving a comment. I thought the "Jokers Mom" expression was great. You have this sort of serious geisha character & then you have this kind of older woman that's so out of place but her expression is all like 'what the hell am I doing here?' that it makes sense.
I like the Painter Maxx the way it is. I reminds me of an awesome memory that comes to you when you hear a certain song or a whiff of an ex's old perfume. The though have this kind of haze to it.
Lastly I wanted to thank you for printing my letter in the Maxx 26. I remember you saying that you wife was handling Head to Head so would it be to much to ask if you can say thanks to her from me too? Yes she said yes & we are still married. I'm sorry I wrote so much but had to get it all out. I'll stay quite & just enjoy your Blog form here on out. Thanks Mr. Kieth

the danman can said...

Thanks Sam. :)
I had The Maxx part done first and I think Cory Kruger (my tattoo artist) did a masterful job of blending the de Lempicka art with yours.
I think it makes for an interesting melding of comic and "fine" art.

Is the Poe book ever going to come out? Looking forward to it and all future releases.

kevrum said...

Just discovered the Internet has more things then facebook, YouTube, and wikipidia. Nice to see you are being productive.

Anonymous said...

You should keep the Max painting as it is, it looks fantastic !

Love that MCP cover, very simple pose but when its done by you, it looks amazing.

Thank you again for all these insights into how you make your art.

Kind of random question but do you like Ted McKeever's work ? It has many similarities to your work in some ways


Anonymous said...

I've always been curious where you get your sketchbooks from?

Despite my searches I've yet to come across a bound sketchbook with brown paper.

Also, I love these glimpses behind the curtain, so to speak.

Sam Kieth said...

Okay, tons of replies to a lot of cool questions/comments from everyone. Cody, not your bad on the Ojo movie question( as in.. ddi it ever get finished?), it's my bad. I'm always feeling guilty it's still 95% finished, but still in limbo. Don't ever sweat asking though, i was mostly kidding!

Cody, Frank and Fernando: on finished the maxx piece. Yeah, at least we have a version 'trapped in time' because of the blog. Probably doesn't matter either way, and besides, i've drawn enough of the purple dude. Old perfume of an ex? well put.

Fernando, I've heard there's a facebook page for me out there somewhere. I never joined facebook so it's all greek to me. Cool this Stephen Huczek guy threw it up, be sure and thank him for me if any of you know him.

Danman Can: Yeah, your tat buddy did a amazing job! The Poe book should be out soon, remember there's not a lot of them in the book, maybe 20? So flip through it first to make sure you don't buy it and are bummed. : )

Kevrum, thanks for checking it all out. Even a blog has trouble with youtube.. we all love stuff that moves, don't we?

Anonymous asked about Ted Mckeever? Yeah, he's another one that sometimes gets lumped into the whole Sienkiewicz group along with a ton of others, doesn't he? Sure, he's great. Also love Tim Sale too. They're both really good designers as well as artists.

Okay, Anonymous 2 ( ... uh, are you the same Anony-dude as the one above you?) Re: buying the brown sketchbooks I use, try googling:

'Cachet Earthbound Recycled Sketch Books' . Now, they do have the smaller 'normal sized' ones, but i get the biggies which are 9 x 12 inches. Hardbound. But yeah... they *are* tricky to find online.

I'd try ordering them directly from Utrechtart Art, here:

Hope that helps - later gang.

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