Thursday, November 3, 2011

Batman Figure: with humongous 'Sam Kieth' Jaw....

Just for fun, here's a link to a new DC Batman Figure that's been in the works for a while. Looks they've finished it up, which is cool. Below are my rough sketches for it... duh.

And some specs based on that by the DC folks.

This is always weird when I see something i drew in a figure.  It shows me how not used to thinking through a 3D drawing... esp. when i face what depths a sculpture has to wade through.

There's lots to cheat when you draw on a flat surface, isn't there?

It's based on some of my goofy art, so it's obviously maga-distorted.

Here's the uncolored rough version, where i asked for the ears to go back a little bit.. we even when further back with the ears.. (as you can see on the finish figure in the first pic above).

Typical humongous 'sam kieth' jaw and all.

They done a few of these black and white figures, so i was flattered they even asked.

Also big thanks to Shawn Knapp over at DC for lobbying to get this sucker made - thanks buddy!

So that's it for now.

- sam


cody said...

Congratulation that turned out rad, the sculptures did good job. Now my legs statue will have a friend to play with in the tub.

Sam_Kieth said...

that's funny... i never thought of toys playing together, but it sorta makes sense in a dream-logic kinda way.

Now i just need a Pot belly and Dana toy to keep the peace between Bats and Legs so they don't fight all the time. : )

Frank Patriot said...

holy cow. That's so awesome. how cool does it feel to see something you created in 2D turned into something 3D?

Georgia said...

It looks great! You always have such a way with a cape--if that makes sense? The sweep of it is fantastic.

champloo said...

amazing, and of course i could never get one of these, but i'm cool by having my Maxx figure. Thinking about it, it
almost has the same pose... and the feet size too!

Frank Patriot said...

Exaggerated anatomy is one of the things that makes Sam's art so enjoyable. Big feet and huge triceps are signature items.

btw, Sam, I thought I saw a trailer for a film on the comics industry or something a while back that featured you in a on camera interview or something. I assumed it was recorded at a comicon. I can't remember what film it was, though. Can you tell me?

jennifer kraska said...

Fantastic!! He'd look great on my table next to my beloved Maxx! Me likey!

Anonymous said...

Hi, I am your fan from Poland.
Is there any chance to post on your blog sample pages from upcoming BATMAN THROUGH THE LOOKING GLASS????
Oh by the way, do You know where does this story take place? before flashpoint or in a new rebooted universe? :P

sorry for my terrible english ;)

Sam_Kieth said...

Frank, it IS weird/cool to see one's drawing morph into 3D. It's only happened a few times, starting with Maxx. Marvel did a few figures based on my stuff too, but they were sorta hit and miss.

I never get used to it.. often the sculpt looks better than my sketches, esp. this batman one. They made tone os tweaks too.

Georgia, I love the cape too, but again, the sculptor really improved on it, really gave it lots of motion... mine had one too many folds. Btw, LOVE that octopus reading the tiny little book, your art is sweet.

Champloo, don't worry about buying one, i'd never buy a figure i drew. Just seeing it is where i get my fix. That's enough, eh?

Frank, Yeah, well... 'exaggeration' seems to be second nature to me.

Yeah, I DO remember that comics documentary ... I don't know if it ever came out or not. It was directed by a old friend named Espen Jorgensen. Called 'The Sequential Art' , and there's a brief disturbing clip of me in a trailer for it here:

This clip is probably ten years old. Thankfully i look nothing like that now. Actually i look worse, : ) .. but one of the few advantages of being a dude in our society is... no one cares how you look as you age.

Jennifer, Bats figure would look nice by Maxx one. And yeah, he does have the same posture, huh? Guess it shows I'm still milking that 'circle for a spine' idea into the ground. But that's okay. Spines are over-rated.

Anonymous, i'll try to dig up throw up some panels of Batman: Looking Glass to post. Far as continuity goes, since Looking was written and drawn MANY years before the DC reboot, it's in it's own universe.

DC usually ropes off all sam kieth mini series to their own as not to unravel or pollute healthy happy normal looking super hero comics. This protects your average comic fan who could be scarred for life after seeing my exaggerated weird looking art.

But, happily... fans who happen to LIKE or ENJOY my kinda weird-ass art ... well, thankfully these separated mini series keep us all left happily to ourselves.

So, it all works out.

Daniel said...

I just want to say… I waaaaannnnntttttt oneeeee!!!

Daniel said...

I would like to add something more… :-)

Thanks Sam for your comments about my humble version of The Maxx :-)
I appreciate that a lot!!!
Let me tell you that I always drew The Maxx, while I was going to work in the bus or trains, at home, at any place I was always drawing stuff and the Maxx was always one of my favorite things to draw.
I even made a Superhero parody that was a little bit influenced by The Maxx hehehe, it was published in a local weekly Newspaper about Music and Concerts made by the spanish community in New York. hehehe…

The thing is that I always drew The Maxx and it never looked right. Always tried to do it, but always had a problem, like it was bad balanced when I did it, it was like if it was going to fall against its back. Like if it wasn't no well balanced when standing. Never, never looked right, anyway I continue trying and trying.

But… It was here, right now when I discovered how you designed it and I decided to do that new The Maxx, now with your help seeing what shapes you use to make it look good, just now I did it correctly. When I saw your tips about the shapes that you more frequently use to create characters, finally I did it with the circle and the triangle shape and voila!!! Magic!!! Now the Maxx looks like the real The Maxx hehehe…

Thanks again!!!

And this Batman is The Maxx with a cape after going to the dentist!!! hehehe… Love it!!!

Marcus Collar said...

I don't know what to say you make me feel at 35 like I'm 17 seeing the Maxx McFarland doll for the first time. I'm an artist myself
and recently met Jonathan at APE sort of half hoping he was you! lol

seriously the Dude Japan Riff saved my life
and the other day I found myself holding a iPad 2 trying to explain to my sweet 24 year old girlfriend the Kelly Jones joke rivalry! (wait it is a joke right?)

thank you for I before E... but mostly for Epicurious

mucho respecto

Marcus Collar said...

Epicurus* (sp) or was it intentional...LMAO

VeganMike said...

Ooh I like it! I've got a Maxx figure sitting on a shelf... the only good present my ex girlfriend bought me ;-)

I've been trying to buy a Maxx statue on eBay since 1999... back then the $125 it was going for was too much for me, and now that I have a job and could spring for that it costs at least $300. But one day I'll either find one in person at a reasonable price or be an attending physician who can afford such things!

Sam, what other statues and figures have been made from your art? I know of a Maxx statue and bust, two Maxx figures, 3 colors of Isz (never understood the rare red one, though... have you dreamed up its place in your story?), a Maxx Christmas ornament, and a Legs statue. Are there more?

adrian said...

Last time I was Anonymous :P
Ok I can't wait to see some pages from this GN :) I guess it was made after 2000 and before 2005, right?

Do You have any other projects that were never released? Marvel, DC, Dark Horse etc. ?????

Marcus Collar said...

My dusty old Maxx action statue is having it's way with the Sienna Miller "Baroness" action figure, sorry was my girlfriends idea. Shall I send a pic? lol

Sam_Kieth said...

Catching up on a few questions,

VeganMike, Wow, had no idea those figures were fetching so much. it's been so long, i thought there's be plenty out there.

I'll try to throw up a list of some of the other figures i know about in a future post... Yeah, those are the main maxx ones i remember too.

Adrian, Yup, the Batman Mad Hatter is about 3 or 4 years old, that's about right then. There's a few more in the DC vaults. None at Marvel ... a few at Oni... two actually still in the works.

Marcus, the Baroness should keep the purple guy company just fine.

- sam

Isntri said...

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