Sunday, April 8, 2012

Tree on Texture - Part 1


Here's some textured paper lying around the studio i forgot all about. It's tricky for me working on this delicate paper.

If your not careful, whatever medium you (acrylic, gauche, esp. watercolor) use can eat through the surface up like a friggin' lawn mower. This one has almost spider like veins or threads on one side..

and is pretty smooth on the other side. But the 'smooth' side is actually more cotton-like and might repel watercolor. So will the rough side, but i'm guessing less so. We'll see..

I'm gonna cut and paste a piece of this paper into my big-ass sketchbooks. I make sure the paper doesn't cover the right and top, so the cool textures of the edge become part of the painting too.

I don't wanna mark the paper edge with a pencil line, so pressing it into the corner of the book gives me a nice creased straight edge line to cut it.

All this prep crap is pretty boring, but it'll at least hopefully wake me up a little, not look like everything else i do. Something mildly different, eh? Burnishing down some adhesive paper down on the smooth flatter side.

The big peal. The textured paper grabbed this sticky adhesive pretty well, eh? But let's set this aside and jump to the sketchbook paper first.

okay, before i paste it in, just adding some color with some stamp pads on the edge, to make the textured paper jump out more. Some sepia,  purple and yellow.

Notice that boo boo on the right? Some sticky adhesive got stuck to the paper's corner?  But i gonna leave it in there and work it into the painting texture, just for the heck of it.

This stamp pad USED to be yellow... grrr - trouble with using a light color over a dark one. On well.

More prep: the corners didn't grab the adhesive, so using heavy duty glue goop for the edges.

This stuff'll eat right through the paper so trying to use as little as possible.

Finally, at least it's ON now and I'm drawing something! This is a pretty rough texture to draw over (as you can tell from how i'm grabbing the pencil).. but so far so good.

The paper pops nicely with that greenish-purple back ground, doesn't it? not congratulating myself, any dope could do this much, but contrast just works pretty well. 

Course i'll probably wind up blending some more green on at the bottom, killing the whole point of the contrast, but whatever. 

okay, remember this dude? I'm gonna jump ship on the tree one and finish that sucker i started before, probably less for Kim's sake, and more just for myself this round... 

mostly just wanna throw in some pen and brush strokes. 

so as usual i  always gravitate to the arm..  dunno what about triceps blending into shoulder muscles i'm find so compelling. 

maybe too many Suydam mudwog strips I read at a formative age? 

Okay, he's looking a little better now, eh? 

just occurs to me the paper i pasted this potbelly sketch down onto isn'r acid free.. 

...but i can always spray a varnish into it later. 

okay, almost done,

anything else? 


so which do you like better? The one up top or this inked up version? 


jlosacco said...

I like the inked up version. All of your beautiful details just jump out.

Great piece.

Sam Kieth said...

Yeah, me too. The Inked one i mean.

i guess i could have inked part of it to draw the eye to certain spots, like the eye or body.. but it's too late now.

cody said...

thats a tough one, but I think the stomach hair is what really puts it in the winner circle for me and the black ink really makes all the shades of brown and whites colors pop.

Marcus Collar said...

inked is pretty cool I mean they both rock. What about a project that uses inter-dementional versions of stuff and you could use multiple riff on the same picture. I know you have done similar things before, just a thought.

ant said...

i like the inked one better too, just pops a bit more...

Sam Kieth said...

Yeah cody, i'm a sucker for the tummy hair too. Wonder how kim will tackle tummy hair with the action figure? Guess i should ask him.

Funny you mentioned that Marcus, i printed out some pencils/washes of the same Nola drawings for one of the graphic novel pages, about 7 of the same one.. then i'll ink/color each one in a different style. Hopefully will be cool to see the differences. Was this what you meant? Or did you mean some digital versions?

Ant seals it, that's all four of you so far!

Anonymous said...

lovely as always... so glad you are sharing these...

have any bonus Argus art you want to share? wink wink... nudge shove!


thanks Sam, you made my anonymous week again.

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