Thursday, November 22, 2012

Cartoon Art Museum !!!

I'm BACK... with some great news too.

 I dug out this old cover because i've been fortunate enough to have the Cartoon Art Museum do a retrospective of the last 50 years of my work!  Here's a blurb for it on their web site.  It'll be in the San Francisco, from Feb 13th thru June 16th. About a third of it will be creator owned originals like (Maxx, Bimbo, Ojo), one third work for hire, Marvel and DC (wolvie and joker art).. and one third my newer Paintings and Trout related antiques.

Most of art you've probably seen before online... or in comics... but if you happen to be in the area it's a kinda cool chance to see them in person.  I'll probably pop in for some opening night thingy too. There's also a Museum/ book IDW's printing, sorta a catalogue or what's in the show and an interview with me.

Getting something like this for a dweeb like me means you probably have some sort of cult following... or it means your getting old... or since it's a museum, means your probably kicked the bucket.

Since i'm not currently dead, i assume it's the other two.

All sarcasm aside, I have someone very special I wanna thank though: ..... YOU.  All of my fans over these many years. No fans means no moldy dusty pile of art work to even get noticed!  No art work to get seen, then no one to enjoy it ( or flea in terror of disgust,  the *other* reaction my art inspires) - so no one to see/enjoy it, no museums will know who the heck you are to begin with.

I'd also like to than Scott Dunbier & Albert Moy for getting the ball rolling, Andrew Fargao at Museum for being so down to earth, patient and welcoming.

I also wanna thank the Head Gardener for putting up with my moody bastard ways for all these years.. and seeing things in me i'm apparently too blind to see myself.

Okay - enough of that crap. One last 'sam's finally throwing himself out there in public' opportunity is, if you happen to be near the Sacramento area....

 i'll be doing a signing at Dave Downy's comic shop: Worlds Best Comics... on Saturday, January 12th, from 2pm to 4pm. This is something i've been promising Dave i'd for *ever*... so we may as well get it out of our systems once and for all, eh?

The last sacramento signing i did was... well... way back when the first issue of Maxx was released, so it's been a while.  Don't worry if you don't happen to love in Sac or the SF area... i'll be in San Diego next year too and we can meet up there.

You know, if you didn't know my work... and you looked at this wolvie cover i did above, then looked at that little girl below?

You'd probably think they were drawn by totally different people, eh?

Weird thing is, it's kinda true.  I am different, for better or worse.  Time manages to have it's way with everyone, eventually.  I don't even think it's bad or good, but it's easier than beating yourself up over it, right?

Okay, it's been a long three weeks between posts, and i'm sorry for that.  Several balls in the air at once, finishing the last of Hollows, the Museum art book, the Worlds art book for next July...

so i'll see about getting some new stuff online again soon.

- Sam