Friday, December 28, 2012

Maxx piece, a few Books and some Bimbo Praise.

I'm back... most part. Survived the Holidays. This is the last of three Maxx commissions I finally finished.  Thanks for your patience if you bought one.  I had fun drawing Maxx for a while, but - sheesh, enough Maxx already... time for something other crap to draw, eh?

Some folks have asked about my doing Commissions again? Might be cool to squeeze a few in for the holidays, but instead of my doing a crap load this round (after years of never doing any)... I wanna do a hand full... every so often... ease the grid-lock?

So in the spirit of that, here's your chance.. feel free to contact Albert Moy and see if there's anything you want, that I'd be into doing. I might get lucky and somebody may even wants a character standing next to a TREE or something, ( hint hint ).  Just kidding.


Shameless self promotion dept:

Here's a page plugging my Worlds Best Comics sacramento signing. Also an updated map to Dave Downys' store too.  If your in the area feel free to drop by.  If not, I'll be other places too. Afraid I won't be doing sketches but i'll do a quickie doodle in your comic if you want. Just slows me down to do sketches in person anymore.


Thought I'd try something a little different this post.. when i visit someone else house i'm always curious what books on on their book shelves. Sorta like peaking into someone else's bathroom medicine cabinet isn't it? Can be. Big time Mythology fans... as you might have guessed from my comics.

Joseph Cambells Heros Journey was my bible while wandering through the Maxx-a-verse. Though considering how little sense it made, you'd hardly notice. : )

Here's a combination of my taste and my wife's.. and mine too.  Books for folks who think too much, and can't apply it to their own lives, eh? Now were in the Jungian influenced area. Robert Johnston's 'He' and 'She' aren't on this shelf, but his 'We' book is. 'She' is my favorite.

No, those aren't my slippers in case your wondering.

Here's some eastern Trungpa books... which a stuffed pig seems to be trying to block us seeing for some reason. I discovered Tim Kelly webt site because he mentioned Trungpa, oddly enough.

Now were onto some Poetry, Bukowski, Robert Burns. Emily Dickinson is carefully guarded by yet another piggy.

I figure your patience with this may be shot so i'll wrap it up with some art books. Actually it's interesting how bits and pieces of all these books have found their way into my comics. I usually try to make a point of not name dropping titles or authors. Everyone has their own taste.

There's a book on the far left by Nancy Mellon about storytelling i harken back too a lot.. she's influence Rudolf Steiner's Waldorf School. But you don't have to be into Steiner per say.

No surprises here.. the usual suspects. Hokusai... Klimt, Jeffery Jones.. that's an Arthur Suydam Portfolio on the right against the wall. The brown paper cover inspired my drawing in brown sketchbooks.

Though I've read Mellon's book and it is good, i mostly use it to check out the table of contents..

i know there's tons of mythological lists out there like this, but for some reason I keep coming back to this one when i make up new stories.

Especially locations, brooks, bogs... gates, each has an atmosphere doesn't it? Totally left brain decisions.

It's books like these that inspire doodles and sketches we all make...

.. which sometimes just begat more hand written notes... things that go no where...

..but sometimes, with a little luck... cam grow into a whole new story or painting.


Btw, this has nothing to do with books.. but i came across a nice group of comments about my old Bimbo Comic which i hadn't seen before. Many thanks to the kind words of these folks here. Nice to know it may find new readers as time passes.