Sunday, December 16, 2012

Wrapping up Hollows and Sorting thru sketches..

Here's a few quickie pics of some Hollows panels.

Couple of reviews passed my way which people tell me are mostly positive, which is cool.  I always avoid reading reviews for all the usual reasons.

 I aimed for a loose style... but actually don't think i was as lose enough on this book.. but maybe on the next project.

I'm still proud of it, warts and all.  Where else can I draw oversized version my favorite kind of wacky sam trees..

..and the weird little pink dude. ( although his body seems to be missing here, doesn't it?)

Still shifting through... not only various sketches... but various types of paper too.. here's some insulation that i found on the ground, it blends in with some brown paper lying around.

Old drawings I started......

then abandoned...

.....eventually get sucked back into another piece of art later..

Here I use grease pencil on some slick paper, just simple outlines and maybe work in some fabric over it..

Some of these may pop up in later art books...

...others ones look to much like my usual crap... here's an ugly face that went south on me..

..Let's jump to the safety of a Trout drawing instead, luckily that poor woman's face will get mercifully shredded... or tossed into recycling bin... (hey, at least the garbage and recycling bins are 'fed').

... this way, nothing lying around this studio is wasted!  These Trout ads are ones that I've yet to ink or color...

This add above still needs some tweaking. I'll probably move the 'A' over in photoshop so it's centered between the 'Leave' and 'Note' words.

Here's a drawing of a woman's face i wasn't even intending for a Hollows panel, but i wound up using by adding some panels below and around it.

It's flawed but at least i was trying for something different than the usual full colored panel, so i won't even color it.. just leave it soft and imperfect looking. The  kind of 'ugly' in this panel... i can live with.

In the panel above, i worked hard to stay light on Lani and the Wife's faces.. not even inking it...

Yes, i will have to remove the page number "16" from the bottom in photoshop... yes i know could draw it outside the border area so i didn't have to remove it digitally later.. i know if i wasn't an idiot i could have done that.

But alias, since I *am* an an idiot, i did it this way.

Besides, where's the fun in always being productive and organized? Who knows how many keyboard short cuts i never bother to memorize to save time either.

Here's a page that didn't make the cut. I wanted the focus of this scene to be some bonding between the girl and his wife, so i redrew it.

Here's an orange purple blog ate it's way into a line drawing... so it became an experiment page. Might yet morph into a more abstract woman...

...or i could work back in some colors and town down the saturated orange color.. endless choices. Also endless wastes of time... if I'm not careful.

But fact is, I gave up 'careful' years ago didn't i?

This debris, flotsam, chaos of my art.. are what repels some people to my stuff.....

yet draws others in. 

Too late to change.. 

...too late to pretend I even care at this point about seeming 'nornal', 

or there's any other way for 'rough, disorganized and raw' artists like me to look any other way than how i look.  

If you follow this blog, odds are you already know what i mean. And are a 'weirdo' too like me.  

And i mean that as a compliment, to us both.