Friday, December 12, 2014

Smattering of Pages n' Panels.

First, thanks to everyone for the supportive comments. We all go through stuff. Don't mean to amplify mine on this blog, but thanks for helping me remember...

...whenever any of us i through stuff, that we're not totally alone.

Okay, on that somber note...

This Inner Bimbo page always cracked my old friend Leigh Dragoon up for some reason. I guess it was Lo's goofy obsession with 'Female Approval' in general, (or in this case, 'Lesbian Female Approval'), but that's another other story.

My friend Jon Wayshak was talking about how he feels Bimbo really goes a lot of places i've never gone before or sense, art wise.  It's worth thumbing through if your in a comic store, but don't buy it.

I still can't decide how i feel about it... and it is unusually grotesque in many ways,  and there's something in it to offend everybody... but there's a lot of humanity in there too.

And it's possibly the weirdest book I've done, even by MY standards.  Heck, love it or hate it, 'least you can't say it looks like ever *other* comic book out there.

I like this panel from Hollows, kinda sums up the whole series. The main girl has grown up, yet see's herself, with the older father figure reflected in the mirror.  It's not technically a brilliant panel,  rather modestly done with marker and colored pencils.  But feels like there's a warmth to it.

Seems weird to say that about my own stuff, but you know what i mean..


Another Lost Project from the vaults. I lost the all the pages so all i have is a few screen shots. Oh well. There were several series I did a which fell by the wayside during those darker phase a few years ago.

I'll throw up bits and pieces when i come across them.


Yet another Hollows panel. I did have the heart to chop off the interesting watercolor effect on the left, so i just left it in.  The color's probably more interesting than the art itself. : )

Look at these goofy scientists. So cartoony. This Panel looks like it could have come out of Mad Magazine in the 70s, couldn't it?

Wishing everyone a pain-free weekend.