Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Wolvie Poster & Female Disapproval Sea Monster

 Here's the black and white version of a loooong out of print Wolverine poster i did for Marvel in the 90s just for fun..

Click on it once for more detail. And another, to get slighter bigger still.

I wanted to say a couple things..

Thing One: Here's that Female Sea Monster i posted a short while back everyone seemed to dig.  The original is actually pretty small.  As most of you know the page is from my Inner Bimbo, and here's a copy of it in Worlds of Sam book.

Thing Two: By now everybody knows i am lame at replies, but i wanted everyone who does write and comments, that your words, memories, or just saying "hey dude, cool beans." - or just to share what ever is on your minds?  

.Please know, that  *that* gesture...

.. is never lost on me.

THANKS to everybody for your help in keeping me plugging away at all this *mutual weirdness* we create together!!!!! 



mightyduke said...

Love this!! & thanks Sam!!

Aaron Desira said...

you're a gem sam. have a good end to yr 2016

Robert ń∂ubkowski said...

Out of idle curiosity, were you influenced by the animated movie Wizards from the mid 70s?

Frankie804 said...


Iam Nowhere said...
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Iam Nowhere said...

New technique, I will post a comment on each post I hope that will get your attention.

Sam, I fell in love with the piece you showed in the post (http://samkieth.blogspot.fr/2014/12/wow-is-it-thur-already.html) and I want to buy it.

Send me an email so we could talk.