Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Trout Update...

Just throwing these up..

added some white highlights to him.  About a third of the way through...

i might go back in and darken some of the highlights on his lower lip?  I notice (but sometimes forget to) sacrifice detail....

...in order to get a more realistic lighting on the overall figure.

It's often what i *don't* show that is the most impressive,

well, hopefully.

: )

Monday, November 30, 2015

Twout Cover I started...

Here's a budget version of a marbling effect I tried.

Instead of wet-in-wet, "water dropped on ink: effect, instead I dipped some bristol into a cooking pan of water, face down, then pull it out, tiled it, all to create some cool swirling effects. 

It's pretty easy, if you type in 'marble paper' into google or youtube there's tons of better examples than this online.

What I like about it - is letting my brush or pen follow various 'pathways' the ink and water make, ones i wouldn't normally think of drawing myself.

Like this guy.

Sort of a different kind of Twout than i might usually might draw.

Somewhat gigeresque , but with some goofy-looking 1900 sam touches mixed in there,

like the little bowler hat.

You can see from the chin that it's still pretty rough and unfinished.

Maybe I'll go in and beef  up some more sculpting on the over all texture,

sharpen the highlights and dark other bits too.

My overall hope... is not to render it too much that the whole watercolor effect itself gets buried by the end.

I'll throw up a finished version when it's done,

or 'abandoned'..

is more likely the right word.

I doubt any of us are ever really finishes this kinda stuff, do we? 

Friday, November 27, 2015

Signature Plates for Upcoming Maxx Artist Edition.

Sponge came in handy this time

Yikes - stack was something like a thousand plates.

and here's . . yet another Maxx cover  I kept fooling with.

Very different than the "unfinished" reprinted version.

Don't worry, I'll throw this Julie unpublished version in a new book of Maxx Cover's some time next year.  

But i forgot to draw Julie into the original version. Let alone finish Maxx's hand.  

So I decided to cut & pasted her in,

that is... once i get some glue.

Don't worry, her face isn't this blurry than this one,  my cameras' focus was off.

so yeah, . . .

finally back.

: ) 

Saturday, July 11, 2015

Handfull of Chickens..

Pile of seven un-posted Chickens pages..

had to throw the Twout in there eventually, didn't i? ; )

Way$hak will load them up in a short while. Were both buried under other deadlines for now. ( yes, that's construction paper i used.  My goofy a nod to Matisse, who did construction collages.  But i don't mean that in a pretentious name dropping way. )

This one i finished this morning.. added the '1800s old guy' on the left, because i wasn't satisfied with the 'blue woman' on the far right..

You know, other people writing self-conscious or quasi-pretentious sounding comments in their art bugs me, so why do i keep doing adding Logos & Comments/Logo to my own stuff? Dunno. Maybe because i'm both trying to explore stuff, yet also wanting to make fun of myself in the process.

I guess most of you guys/gals are used to it by now.  My 'Sam Logos' are kinda part of my style now. Used to get crap for it when i started, but funny how whatever style or quirks editors resist when your started out, they eventually grow  to accept.

Kelly Jones has a quickly style too, he was great at telling me to let it roll of my back.

Don't worry, the purple guy's arm looks much better in the scanned version. 

Okay, here's a few characters who snuck in the Chickens book from the Dana/Nola Twout stories. Just one page, so i doubt anyone will mind.


Okay, this one is a report, but i just like it. Faux Basho poem.

Okay, between the twenty new pages i have here.. and if this inspired Jon to add twenty of his, plus the thirty on the Chickens Web site... we might reach 70 or so pages, which will be enough for a collected book someday.

Thanks for letting me ramble. Have a stress-free weekend.


Saturday, July 4, 2015

Fifteen minutie BATS drawing for Charity.

Something for the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund auction.

Well it's not 'anything' at all yet.. is it?

But i often work better under a deadline, so i'm clocking myself on this sucker.  Trying to do it in under 20 minutes.

Batman's has a better chance of moving in an auction than most stuff i might dream up..

This isn't that big, maybe 5 inches by 7?  It's also drawn on same textured paper i sometimes use... you'll see what i mean once i add some color to it.

Yuk - this gooey little 'ink blob' is what happens when India ink sits too long in the ink bottle.

Okay, added some pen detail. but still very rough around his mask. There's that paper texture i was talking about.. We're gonna try to make it work for us when I add some more blue to his mask.

Yeah, my old ink pad trick again. I could probably smooth out the rough texture with colored inks or watercolors, but that defeats the point.

Okay, this was what i was going for, regardless of how unfinished it looks, i wanted his mask to sort of blend into the paper's background.

Here's how it's shaping up. Also added a few white highlights on his nose... forehead.

Might have overdone those... but too late now. It's 14 minutes in so far, but i bet i wasted a couple of minutes snapping pics while drawing.

It's nothing to brag about, drawing is obviously not a race.

I've also slowed down a lot over the years.  I'll sometimes toil away on a cover for weeks. The challenging bit is, sometimes 'taking more time', doesn't always make it a better piece of art.  Sometimes - yikes, it gets worse! Sometimes a good drawing is knowing when to quit.

As we all know, creativity... the 'muse'...  is fickle... and as we age, more and more illusive.

Oh yeah..

one last thing i forgot....

... there!


Friday, June 19, 2015

"Two Mom's Eye" Paintings

Here's something .... it's a painting i started when i was still trying to break into comics, and have been on and off addling to it for almost every few years now. Part of it have been scattered in the background of many of my comic backgrounds too.

It has nostalgic appeal to me mostly because it's the longest single piece thing i've worked on, consistently.  Kinda where i started - art wise, and will probably end up. Unsure if it will ever be totally finished,

Maybe once i croak -  that'll mean it's done once and for all.

: )

I uses some powered graphite, which creates that weird 'oil vs. water"texture when mixed with ink, so i can't take 'credit' for that effect. Outside of tilting the bristle board from side to side to control it's flow.

But what's kinda cool is i did leave some areas empty, and tried to match the abstract graphite effect, by hand using both a brush and pen, with mixed results.

I called it 'Mom's red eye'. The red eye is part of Nola's personality. That's why Momma Ojo has a red eye too, btw... because of this painting.

A few years back.. I decided a few years back to do another companion piece, called " Mom's pink eye".. which will be from Dana's perspective.  Here's the two of them, side by side.

i really have no end goal here... just seeing where it takes me. I can already tell it's tending towards Sepia Oranges and Yellows.. so it's a much warmer one. Sand,  Acrylic Gel.. and the old wet in wet watercolor trick.. tilting, changing the flow... letting gravity changing the shape.

Here's the pink eye in 'stage one', still pretty raw and naked. Over the years it went through four more stages, with dozens of photos for each stage, which may show up in some future art book... probably Worlds..

in the mean time, this gives you a cool little progress peak.

Here's my defacing my own trout ad.  I dunno why but i enjoy using my own hand made art, then printing it out on paper, then re-painting over it by hand.. Not a radical idea, tons of artists probably do it too.. but i just enjoying using digital ways of distorting my own art even further. 

this is still unfinished so far.

So this is close to the end of the phase three. Maybe i'll throw up the finished piece in another post? Or add a few more in-between phases instead?  But pics online are a lot cheaper than killing trees for some art book, eh?

Thanks for letting me share all this goofy-ness.

- Sam