Thursday, December 13, 2018

Batman/Maxx 3

In Batman-Maxx 3 I wanted to briefly revisit the main four Batman mini series I drew, and see what tied the main four characters together in each story: 

* Young Bruce Wayne from 'Batman Secrets',  
* Nurse Sabine from 'Arkham Asylum', 
* Callie from Detective Comics 40-43, aka: 'Ghosts'  
*  Alice from Batman: 'Looking Glass' 

All four are Children of Shame, and all four either suffered a great loss, or tried to save someone from a great loss. I didn’t add a caption saying, “as seen in Batman Secrets”, because that seemed too distracting. Anyone who knows my work, can see a common thread.  

But I wanted to say ‘goodbye’ in a way, to these four characters. 

Young Master Bruce who’s lost his parents that fateful night,  

Alice who lost all sense of logic, scale and normalcy in Wonderland. 

Nurse Sabine who refused to quite the nightmarish Asylum to protect and provide for her little boy. 

Callie, the blind girl who Batman was unable to save, 

just like his parents.  

Sunday, December 9, 2018

Saturday, December 8, 2018

Couple from Eleanor

A fan came up to be at NYCC and said the panels I color are among his favorites.

I have such awesome fans!!! ( and not just because they say things like that. )