Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Female Disapproval... & Sea Monsters.

The approval of women is something of a 'issue' with me.

My wife, mother, even women on the street I don't even know, I project into like mad even though they're usually aren't judgmental of are thinking of me at all.

Thus, I decided to poke fun at the 'Female Disapproval Sea Monster' in my Inner Bimbo comic some years back. Here's the a color version never printed in the Bimbo comic.

And here's how the same Sea Monster on a poster, as it appeared in the Bimbo story...

I realize it's stupid, my semi-neurotic fixation on the opposite sex's approval,  but I'm not unique. My wife has her own version of this imaginary 'Archetype'. Only hers, I imagine might be  some sort ofMale Disapproval Sea Monste?

Anyway, here's something kinda cool you may have never noticed: the back covers of issues 2 through 5.. if you place them together in fours..

... form a cheezy little 'poster'. I wanted to do a poster, but you have to either fold them with a crease, or roll them, which was too expensive.

The Female Disapproval Sea Monster, or F.D.S.M. poster in the comic loosely inspired on a frazetta poster I saw in my teens. Those words "what are you fighting?" were what was written on it, had a profound effect on me. I get into explaining why in the comic itself.

On a technical level, I wanted to invoke the feeling of an old fantasy 70s paperback cover, without slavishly copying Frazetta's style (which i'd be hard pressed to pull off, regardless!)

On an emotional level, I wanted to use the image to sorta purge myself of giving all my power away to anyone i wanted that badly, in my case, my wife. I know it sounds pretentious, but it's a pretty charged image for me. Not the Frazetta poster itself, but the idea of a man feels drawfed by his projection onto an abstract disapproving feminine. It's crazy because i'm so surrounded by compassionate woman who totally approve of me, so clearly it's 'my damage'.

I don't know how much any of this even comes through, when one reads the comic.

Below is my  'raw' sketch-book painting of the Sea Monster, before i extended the top and bottom.

I wonder what I'm so afraid of?

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Abandoned Abstract

I destroyed this piece right after talking these. Don't worry, the close up pics made it look a lot better than the painting actually was.