Tuesday, October 4, 2011

30days Cover Repair & Asian Woman spread..

I think my posts are getting a little looooong and wordy lately.. so i'll try to jabber a little less and focus on the Art work more.

Also I've gotten rid of the code verification stuff... so it should be even easier to post comments now.

Here's a 30 Days cover I did - wasn't wild about the first skull with the eye poking out, so i decided to repair it by hand..

This seems a little better, eh?

I like how the snow blends in with the white above, but i doubt that will read very well when printed,

...so why not some color, to make the snow pop a little?

There, that'll have to do.

Here's a few panels from 30days, before coloring..

The main girl is a goth girl named Alice Blood. She's the one with the shorter hair.

I sorta notice she looks like a thinner version of Maggie from Love and Rockets. Not intentional. I figured I wouldn't force another chubby girl on Steve Niels since I'm getting to do Dana Chubby in my own stuff.

I know i'll revert to giving her a little tummy at though. Can't help it.

What else is on the table? Here's a few (hand drawn) tweaks on a Jay Fotos Zombie 68 cover...

* sigh * - okaaay - Now to balance out all that little-boy-gross-out-gore' stuff... here's yet another Asian woman in a double page spread..

You'll notice sometimes the photos i take are yellowish and sometimes brighter, that's because i have two bulbs in my desk light, and i switch back and forth when drawing, the brighter one shows more detail, but strains my eyes, so i switch to the lower wattage when my eyes need a break..

This looks much more dramatic in person, because it's on those huge 11 x 14 oversized sketchbooks. It's hard to show that scale in photos, isn't it?

Cody asked when I'll do an art show... meaning too, just get distracted. I wanna though. It be easier to connect with people at a gallery rather than a crowded noisy convention, eh?  And Chris, i was surprised i posed to soon too, trying to get in at least two a week. This month is a little crazy..

Frank - the *last* one is your favorite post now? Crap, now I have performance anxiety. : ) Well, this one will bring us all back to earth, just a few little ones this time.  Good question about how I divvy up time. I'm up at between 4 or 5am, and unless it's a deadline day, try to do paintings or creator owned doodles till about 8am, break for breakfast, then dive back in a 10am doing comic stuff, then after lunch i'm good from about 1-4pm.

Right now I'm finishing an Aliens 48 pager, (scanned this too low rez, but you get the idea).. also trying to stay ontop of the 30days monthly.. even *trying* a monthly is a crazy schedule. They tend to eat artists up and spit them out, so we'll see how long i last.

but everything ELSE...

is done to release pressure and is, i'm sure, pretty much the same reason everyone else does something to pay the bills,

it pay for what they *really* love doing.


Frank Patriot said...

another 'Aliens' comic??? I'm so excited I'm ca-ca-ca-crappin' my paaaaants! okay, i will stop declaring 'favorite' posts. and that's a hella cool leather sketchbook cover. i thought mine was cool covered with stickers, but i feel kind of ashamed now.

Casey Crowe said...

Oh man, can't wait for the Aliens book! Your work on Earth Wars blew my adolescent mind.

Gargamale said...

I used to be heavily obsessed with sketching/drawing a decade ago. My style was very reminiscent of Clive Barker being raped by Sam Kieth. Having read this blog in the past few weeks has really inspired me to take the hobby back up. I can't get enough of the method to your madness, Sam. Thank you for sharing, you are literally an inspiration. Is there anywhere you sell some of these bits and pieces you post that aren't comic related?

bryan said...

You're working on an Aliens comic!? That is awesome!! Your art and Aliens together again is just too damn cool! Also, that 30 Days cover looks incredible. Great work, Sam. All across the board, great work!