Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Heros "Once upon a time..", alternate colored version

Sounds like the Heros Charity story is out, even though Mike Neil and I still haven't seen a copy yet. Everyone else has, judging my a little feedback Mike dug up, which is cool.  Thanks to Chris Ryall passed along some kinda words after on it too.

Yeah, i'll get to posting some progress stuff on the Landlady story later.  But just for fun, here's a side by side of two versions.

The pages above are the printed version that i did some digital tweaks on the background colors too, (which sometimes can look better, sometimes worse).  I didn't change 1-3 much,  so i'll skip those. But  from page 4 - 9 on.. here it is.

Their both pretty close, but by page 3 you can see some of the differences in the background colors.  I swapped some panels on page 5 to match the script better.

The hand done are definitely lighter . in some placed a little rougher too... esp. the faces and the rougher paper texture, which I kinda like the amateur feeling of it. What do you think?

Hey, I wonder if anybody picked up on on the splash page with the tree being an affectionate nod to the first sandman's stacked lettering in issue one? It's pretty subtle, so ahh.... please don't sue is, eh DC folks, kay? Pretty please?

...and just for the hell of it - here's a puzzling something coming down the pike.

Monday, August 1, 2011

"Worlds of Sam" art book: Online...!

Big changes lately: It all started with my doodling my name in red ink, (you know... like those japanese woodblock prints? Just fooling around. Nothing serious.) But now that I look back, it is sorta became a hinge point in my work. And also whole shift in my thinking. (Btw, nothing makes you feel more cheesy than signing your name TONS of  different ways.)

This change.. alsostarted with THIS modest little fashion drawing below. 

Why this one? In itself, it's really no biggie, is it? Just a little fashion sketch. 

Lemme backtrack: Lost most of July regrouping and rebounded from nasty depression.. (here's a hint, avoid reading the news once in a while!) - But I'm back up and running. More or less. Revamped the logo, because I've reshuffled the art books....what goes where... (even since the interview) into the two batches, Art of Sam mostly work for hire like Marvel and DC stuff. Looking mostly back on my career. The kind of stuff best published in print, rather than online. As opposed to what's below. This is totally un-photoshoped, raw. All the flaws. 

However, all this NEW STUFF... three volumes,  "The Worlds of Sam Kieth"... will be creator owned pin ups, plays, unreleased graphic novels, fashion art, asian styles, gears, glue, fur, moss.. you name it. Just whatever weird-ass crap piles up in paintings and sketchbooks in the last 10 years. This will have to come first. I'm old, not quite old enough to 'look back' just yet. 

So, my Big Dilemma was- where let people see it? Online? Print? Like *else* everyone in this biz, I was caught in the quicksand of the tedious publish vs. online debate. Books: (quickly shrinking, but beloved boy old farts like me) vs. Net: (wide open but not much money... so far). Somehow I stupidly let it paralyze and overwhelmed, (mostly because I am a neurotic idiot already to begin with), so just this make it worse. Or so it seemed. 

Then, like i said above.... THIS was the page where... 'IT'.... (the solution) dawned upon me. (yes, i posted it again) 

'It', grew from a conversation I had with my old friend Jon Wayshak, who was pouring over the tons of material no lying around. He pointed to this drawing... saying 'this seems like your onto something new, it doesn't look like your usual stuff, this is INSANE to let this crap lie around your studio and get moldy. Not that it'll change the world, tons of artists paint, doodle and write stupid little notes to themselves on paper, Barron Storey is the classic example. 

All this 'new stuff' is what I'm most excited about. The fashion crap is only a small part of it, there's other stuff too... weird creatures... stories, portraits and abstracts... easier to see than describe. As Jon and I looked at my old stuff and the newer stuff, i felt glad he 'got' the new stuff too. Not better or worse, just... 'different'. 

So, I finally GOT it - duh,  doesn't need to be Online vs. Print. 

Instead Print AND Online. Seems obvious huh?  Both serving different functions, audiences, age groups, with (hopefully) lots of cross pollination. In other words, if someone see's crap they like, they may wanna buy the three volume 600 page sucker. 

Meanwhile most fans get to check out cool crap for free here on the blog, which, is cool. 

I guess I decided "what the hell... Just break open the damn and let it all flood out. " In other words, instead of only a handful of folks checking out some limited edition fancy assed art book, why not POUR a HUGE chunk of it online, were most of the eyes are looking anyway. 

I have another Secret reason for throwing such a large portion of it up online each week in small dribbles. I'll explain how it affects all my fans by this Christmas. 

So. Yeah.  There'll still be a Print version. Limited edition signed and numbered 'Worlds of Sam Kieth'. Printed art Books for us old farts are cool too. So don't sweat it, if online crap is less appealing than printed books. Their not disappearing entirely. At least not yet. 


On another subject: Like me, most of you probably didn't get a chance to stop by Scott Morse's Trickster booth at San Diego. Trickster is a gang of comic creator owned artists and writers who supports comics with wines, symposiums and other cool stuff to check out. 

Here's a couple of small Dana print you could only get there... but in case you weren't there, I figured you may wanna check them out here too. 

Also, here's part 5 - - the last of Josh Jones interview with me, in case you missed it.