Thursday, October 2, 2014

New Maxx 15 Cover...

So.. I started this one a few posts ago...

time to wrap it up.

Another covers due.

Time to finish this one up.

Trying not to overwork this one.

Radically different logo design for this one.

Julie looks like she's in a Ren Fest doesn't she?

getting there . . .

or maybe all going horribly wrong. . .

maybe add a bit more olive green to that moss,

Purple up this guy a little too. 

so.. that's how we got here.  

Sorta like a long lost Elfquest cover, isn't it?

You know what's weird, i just thought of this too..

there's no WAY the right side of the Maxx's body could be hidden behind such a skinny tree, is there? 

Above is the pic on my art table.

Below is the scanned version.  Notice how the pic version above has more saturated colors.

But there's a softer subtler quality to the scanned version below, isn't there?

Which do you like better?

Was thinking of my maybe doing a Art Book full of new/old Maxx Covers someday, (that is, once we get enough covers to justify a whole book.)  I was surprised how few cover's the Maxx appeared on the old comics. Maybe that's why i enjoy the new ones, gives me a chance to draw him and let him hog the whole cover.. plus paint with more confidence than i had before.

If i did do a book of Maxx covers... that would be the best time time to tweak all these covers colors' for the best possible resolution - really make sure all color are true to the originals.

Warts and all.

I'll try to post something non-Maxx next time. Sorry, i'm just up-to-my-ass in Maxx-crap right now, between the reprints and everything else...

Yes. I promise you there is life (and art) ...beyond Maxx. : )

As usual, your continued patience . . .  is always greedily appreciated.