Monday, May 22, 2017

My Studio, right now.

Had to merge two pics to catch everything. Nothing magical about it. Biggest change is the sheer amount of crap has grown, more acrylic paint, black india ink, pastels, ink pads, clock gears, fabric, Cheese cloth, various mixed media stuff, brush-pens, - all the usual stuff studios' have.

Probably the biggest difference is how, (unlike the majority of artists now-a-days), is how little i use digital tablets to draw with.  Nothing against them, digital art is awesome and way more versatile.

I hear lots of digital comic artists don't even have original art to sell anymore.  I wonder if buying original art will totally disappear someday?

Also weird how the old comic companies used to throw out Original Comic Art to make room for office space.  I wonder if we 'hand drawn' comic artists are almost like dinosaurs? 

Still have that same shelf i posted two days ago... getting a little messier. Funny how the more tools you have to draw with,

doesn't necessarily make your art any better of an artists. 


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juvinwo said...

That is so cool. Love seeing this behind the scenes look. I prefer original art above digital. Just something about it that makes it matter more to me. NEVER stop doing what YOU do Sam. We all love it!

wingsofjudas said...

Hi, Sam! I stumbled on your blog but I'm a long time fan. Is that a brown paper sketchbook that you're drawing your comics directly into?!

My heart skipped a beat as I'm doing the same thing! I'm not trying to shamelessly plug myself (my art doesn't hold a candle to yours) but I thought you might like to see there's some of us traditional media artists still grinding away in the digital age.

Thank you dearly for all the excellent work over the years and for sharing your process!

Anonymous said...

Your amazing art and shots
of your work space is a
real treat. Thank you,

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Donnovan Knight said...

Thank you for sharing, I love seeing other artist's spaces!

Hoàng Trọng Duyệt said...
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champloo said...

This is just beautiful and extremely inspiring