Wednesday, September 13, 2017

The Missing Nose.

Oops, missed yesterdays' post.

In order to make up for it, here's a goofy little behind-the-scene story:

Feeling rather abstract and artsy, i left off the Eleanor detective's nose in the B&W art.

When Ronda colored it ( below), i noticed she lightly "suggested" the nose shape in color, which makes sense. 

But for some reason, i didn't like it, so I asked Ronda to lighten the face over-all, and leave his nose blank.

Then, when i looked the uncolored nose, i showed to to my wife, who said:

"Looks great, but where is his nose?"

So, i boldly went back to Ronda, asking her to re-color the nose again (probably driving her crazy), but asked her to make it even *more* detailed this time around, which she graciously did, to my great relief.  

There's no right or wrong here, I still like the missing nose in the b&w original, but it's funny what  sometimes works in b&w, can look weirdly unfinished in color.  Below is the finished page.

Which do you like better?