Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Something with Way$hak

I'm still in a rush on deadlines, (hence this post being a day late), so here's a  hulk old pieces I did a while back... might have been trading cards, can't remember.

Below are a couple unfinished some rough ideas I did for a future collaboration with Jon Wayshak, an amazing dude you may already know of.  We did an gallery show together years ago, and I've loved his stuff for years. He done a ton of paintings, prints, commercial stuff and is getting more into comics too.

The idea is, I start a piece and he finishes it... then i finished one of his. What one starts... and the other tries to blends into that. Or maybe doesn't try to match, maybe the difference is the point.

Trouble is we both keep finishing whatever we start painting ourselves, and I myself, eventually hate whatever it is i started and either chuck it or redraw it, which sounds like Jon does too. These two above were scanned a while back. I can't remember but I think I've finished one of these..

Once we finally DO pass along a bunch of stuff to the other, it will be interesting to see the finish piece.

Meantime, another card. Sorry if you've seen these before..

back to the drawing board.