Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Views of my studio


When i'm working at my art table and i glance up in the corner.. I see a photocopy of a defaced joker cover I once stabbed with an exact-o knife. It's always a good idea not to take yourself, or your art... too seriously. That's why ruined it, then i tapped it up to remind myself not to be too anal or detailed. 

The Nola drawing's not mine, Leigh did it, which is weird because Vassilis is drawing the Nola book. Leigh's doing Lust Police, which is Dana's book, but has Nola in it, briefly. 



When I'm sitting at computer and scanning pages, and i look LEFT,  I see this: 

It's a peek at part of a painting lying against my wall I keep doodling on. I can never decide if it's finished or not. Looks much better in person. Too big to scan. 


When i look DOWN, (still scanning) ... i see a cheezy cardboard box i made full of 'crap yet to be scanned', (which has the batman page in it, which shows you hold old this photo is. Because i already threw this batman page on the site, so it's no longer in the 'crap yet to be scanned' box.) Still awake? sorry.. kinda boring... 

I also see the stuff lying around on my round wooden table... (It may look like this stuff is carefully staged for this photo, bit it's just debris that's accumulated .) the pink hand was mine... one of those 'impression molds' some hobby stores have. 

'Sissy', upper left... is a prop from the Nola comics, complete with fake blood and dolls eye. 

It's weird how i make props for objects that appear in comics that are just comics, brings it to life for me. So that'll have to do for this week.  

...still chugging away on vampires for IDW. Here's an add for the first issue.