Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Mars Cover ... FINALLY!

Remember this little guy?  Bet you thought I'd forgotten about him, didn't you? Almost did. That's why editors exists. To bug freelancers for stuff lying around their moldy studios..

Well...  since i'm a little rushed on deadlines, so i'll let the photos do the 'talking' this time.

I'll be my usual annoyingly talky self next post, which will be thursday or Friday.

Here's the tweaked version in photoshop on the LEFT, (which is mostly levels boosted and blacks on the sides.) I sorta like the dreamy quality of the original on the RIGHT, but of course for the cover, the publisher will want it 'extreme', and this also fits in the tongue in cheek style of Mars Attacks anyways. 

Which one do you guys like better? 

Okay,  another pice os bristol board.. defaces. It seems one more tree must parish... all for my twisted little way of making a living.

- sam