Thursday, January 26, 2012

My REPLIES... to comments!

Hey boys and girls,

Finally got around to answering everyone's comments from the last three posts i did, so you may wanna jump down to the bottom three.. see if i never answered your question.. or if you wanna hear me make dumb mummy jokes along with everyone else. : )

Oh crap -  look what happened? Four more pesky followers snuck in there and blew the 400 followers limit we maxed out at, but what the hey: I'll never turn down 4 more fans, followers, lurkers.. whoever want to check all this goofy stuff out is totally cool with me!!!

Here's one you have seen,

and one you haven't.

If your bored, check out the longer post before this one.. some cool 'mommy' stuff in there.  No, not Mummy... Mommy.  ; ) 

- Sam 


underarea51 said...

Your new follower - #402 at your service! :D

jennifer kraska said...

Holy texture batman! Cheesy, I know. Appreciate your comments. I really do think that input / comments on blogs ( or Flickr posts) are motivational. Thanks for the inspiration, I saw your posts this morning and immediately wanted to run up to my table and draw, but had to go to work.....bummer. Watch out weekend. Thanks again. Jenn

Marcus Collar said...

I vote for MUMMY! hehee

Marcus Collar said...

Oh and I don't know what it is your the panel in this post just captures so much!

The muted colors tell a tale of their own.

So very inspiring it's like you capture why most of us got into coloring artwork... Not sure how to explain that one.

oh and Zombie stuff is like OUCH! man oh and I have to say the Nola pencil drawings show so much heart the Dads face jeez this is the MOST INSPIRING blog ever mainly because of the intensity in which you show various projects at work.

ant said...

your last few posts have been epic, i'm really excited to see some of this stuff in print, so don't feel whorish about dropping some titles, issue #s, and release dates on here, most of us would actually appreciate it, not that you don't do enough for us already, seriously, like the last guy said, MOST INSPIRING BLOG EVER, thanks again for sharing all you do with us

Anonymous said...

Most inspiring blog , ever..well that's VERMONT for you with HARCOYAN.
He's also known as CONYANDO and he has all those FREAKSB with GROSS?
Oh yeah, we got a load of numbers on all of them and that's why HYDRA is shot to hell.
She'll be executed for her crimes and DRUMEN is just the tip of that CAPESSIN with RICK'S SETAIN.

El Bastardo said...

LOVE your work Sam! I'm sure I'm not the first to say this, but I'd really like it if you had a little shop on here where we could buy prints of these. I've got all the art books I could get my hands on but I'd love something bigger. If only so I could pay you what little I have for allowing us to enjoy all that's on here for free. I really do love everything on here that I've seen although I started as one of the "comic fans" but grew to love everything done in your style. Everything has so much depth.

Before this turns into a rant I'd just like to say that I'm thankful for being able to come here and admire the beauty and that I hope you get a good feeling from this.

Marcus Collar said...

ok so this week I made major break throughs in my own art and I THANK EVERYONE from this blog fans and curator alike for inspiring this process we call life!


check my new shizz

Marcus Collar said...

ok wow WTF does this mean LMAO

this person needs to buy copies of the maxx ASAP LMAO

" Anonymous said...
Most inspiring blog , ever..well that's VERMONT for you with HARCOYAN.
He's also known as CONYANDO and he has all those FREAKSB with GROSS?
Oh yeah, we got a load of numbers on all of them and that's why HYDRA is shot to hell.
She'll be executed for her crimes and DRUMEN is just the tip of that CAPESSIN with RICK'S SETAIN."

wow its like a cross between the Zodiac and the Zodi-douche LMAO yes thats 3 times now hehe

cody said...

the wash is awesome on the guy it kinda reminds me of someone looking thru a rainy window. the women sleeping bath tub page is really great love how it all blends together.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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SlyTheMongoose said...

Hey Mr. Kieth! Sorry to comment on such an old post, but I had to start from the beginning -I couldn't find a way to just send a message - instead of bogging down your blog page, sorry :/ Anyway, I've read through your whole blog up to this point over the last month or two, or so, and now that I've made it up to here- I have to burst out and say something. I cannot tell you the inspiration I've gained through your blog here, and I've wanted to thank you properly - or, as close to it as I can for now. Since I've started reading your page I've learned so much from you just talking about what you're doing here and there. The process photos and step-by-step way that you post has made an incredible impact for me. I feel like you're an actual person, with flaws that you deal with (just like everybody else), even often using them to your advantage, which is something, I think, everybody can improve upon in their selves- and just that fact makes you so much cooler to me than a great majority of my influences... You're a superhero-among-artists, yet here you come across as very approachable, genuine, and able to relate to... so underrated in the today- and I must thank you, again... (Grant Morrison wrote a book about that sort of thing, "SuperGods"... haven't read the whole thing yet *eek).

Okay, so sorry for splurging all of that- but there's been over 2 years of your blog I've been churning and absorbing into mind, and felt as though it was important to let you know how important I think it is that you do this for everybody.

Oh and by the way, the last few posts have been the best by far, and they keep getting better in every way. The guy up top of this page with all of the 'hatching' is incredible- there is a huge amount of emotion pouring out of that piece, very expressive and it has an awesome suggestion of ambience and environment, love it when you do that type of 'sketchy' style.

Within the last couple of posts, you did a couple of Nola's, profiles with pronounced muscular arms (which I loved), but the color version, I thought, was so incredible. That's actually what made me decide to finally comment on here. The modelling in the orange shirt is SOOOOOO incredibly awesome! There is so much dimension and contrast. Bravo...

Okay, enough taking up your time, I can't imagine how busy you are. Love your work. Peace- from your newly dedicated Fanatic.

SlytheMongoose :)

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