Thursday, January 26, 2012

My REPLIES... to comments!

Hey boys and girls,

Finally got around to answering everyone's comments from the last three posts i did, so you may wanna jump down to the bottom three.. see if i never answered your question.. or if you wanna hear me make dumb mummy jokes along with everyone else. : )

Oh crap -  look what happened? Four more pesky followers snuck in there and blew the 400 followers limit we maxed out at, but what the hey: I'll never turn down 4 more fans, followers, lurkers.. whoever want to check all this goofy stuff out is totally cool with me!!!

Here's one you have seen,

and one you haven't.

If your bored, check out the longer post before this one.. some cool 'mommy' stuff in there.  No, not Mummy... Mommy.  ; ) 

- Sam