Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Plugging myself and crap lying on my studio floor.

Anna Breslaw wrote an insightful and cool article about my stuff HERE, so thought I'd pass that along if you haven't seen it ~ thanks Anna!

Also, (and it's a little cheezy plugging myself), but i got word from DC the Batman Hater book popped on on the New York Times top ten list. I am just vain enough to say: yay. Course, being Bruce Jones WROTE it, and Batman being IN it, i''m sure all of that that didn't hurt either.

Here's a peak at the type which i cut and pasted into this very blog.. in dramatic RED highlights.. (subtle huh?)


 X-MEN: SCHISM, by Jason Aaron and others. (Marvel Entertainment, $24.99.) Cyclops and Wolverine are at odds over the future of the X-Men.

2 BATMAN: THROUGH THE LOOKING GLASS, by Bruce Jones and Sam Keith. (DC Comics, $22.99.) This original graphic novel tells the tale of the first meeting between the Dark Knight and the villainous Mad Hatter.

3 THE ADVENTURES OF TINTIN, VOL. 1, by HergĂ©. (Little, Brown Books for Young Readers, $18.99.) Three adventures, one graphic novel: "Tintin in 
America," "Cigars of the Pharaohs" and "The Blue Lotus."


Okay, enough sam shamelessly plugging himself crap.. here's some ART - cool stuff i grabbed off the studio floor because i'm LATE on a bunch of comic stuff.. 

Above is the original (un-photoshoped) Secrets cover i'm sure you'll recognize... (since this is sort a 'batty' post.)  

.. also un-used poster for the comic book legal defense fund.. with a bunch of characters from the trout-a-verse all tied in together... (note the skinner Dana, before i added a little meat to her bones!) 

..and lastly, a panel from the Nola graphic novel I'm still monkeying with. 

Just wanted to add... without all your guys reading me over the years, stuff like the the Bat book,  or Anna's article, or YOU guys continued patience, comments, jokes and never-ending SUPPORT on this friggin' Blog, you guys are the reason  i keep cranking this stuff out! 

I'd like to think we inspire each other. Judging by the amazing art work many of you are all doing too, my greatest contribution may not be any one published series of comics i did, but inspiring weird wonderful artists out there, that they are NOT alone... and weird, is good. Tolerated. Can even flourish. Hey, if a madman like me can find fellow minded weirdos, then there's hope for us all, eh? : )  

Okay, THIS... will have to do (for a few days) ~  until i slay this current batch of deadline - wish me luck gang! 

- Sam 


the danman can said...

Congrats and thanks for always being humble and cool!

Marcus Collar said...

The CBLDF pic wants to sold as a fake tattoo for kids (is there a name for those?)

Cool write up's and info it's good to see what has happened to some of my favorite comic guys. Did you ever think Jim Lee would be the head of DC or that Frank Miller would be making movies?

Ok big machine it's Sam's turn!

Aaron Desira said...

The through the looking glass book deserves its place. Sam kept it alice enough and jones writing kept it batman- they yin yanged it. ( already managed to rip a page in my copy Dammit!) Its ok to post your successes dude, in fact its great to see cause we all want you to keep doing what your doing.. Im just repeating what youve said but the inspiration goes both ways to all us as well, ovbiously! thanks as usual


Lickcheez said...

Great blog! Very cool to get to see your ongoing creations! Thanks!

juvinwo said...

Sam, just joined your blog!!! Woohoo!! I was number 420!! Sam, all joking aside, for ages I have been hoping to talk to you and now I finally found your blog! Up until now, occasionally I was messaging Albert moy, trying to find out what you would charge for commissions and how to just send you praise. I'm finally hear! You are my favorite artists an I literally own EVERYTHING you have drawn, written or
Inked. Even every book of cover you have done. So you will forever have a friend. Thank you do much for your amazing work, it makes me astounded every time I see something new. Eventually if I can ever save up enough, I would love an original piece from you. I'm pretty sure it would bring me to tears. Powerful stuff man. I don't think you have any idea. Anyways, enough of this mushy crap, keep up the amazing work! And is there ever a chance of anything with the maxx coming? Ever? Thanks again! Love your work!

Anonymous said...

Love your work, Mr. Kieth.

But I have to ask if you are even trying in the "30 Days of Night" comic. Every sketch you post on this blog is more inspired than any panel you have drawn for that comic. I finally stopped buying it this month. I have bought every comic you produce, but I can't justify this one any more. When I heard about a new monthly Sam Kieth comic, I was overjoyed. Now, disappointed.

Marcus Collar said...

How come an "Anonymous" comment means you insult someone. Is this the same Anonymous that typed out the cryptic Zod-douche comment.
Hey A-hole try making some artwork on your own, or spend a day scanning original artwork or using photoshop. Anonymous should try to capture what some writer scribbled down and would probably say "do what you want" to anything you draw anyway.
Your comments are quite incomplete and I URGE you to post who you really are oh great critic.

Ok well sorry to bug out but I think it's true what they say the last thing the Devil did was create the "comment" section on the internet, he's been living high off that ever since! LOL

please know these are just words but seriously please make sense and don't poke the Tiger!

Marcus Collar said...

oh shit I just realized "Anonymous" might be Sam Kieth messing with our minds DOH!

juvinwo said...

I don't think so, I'm sure it was someone else. As far as I know though, Sam is done with 30 days. There is a new artist on it as of issue 5, so I dropped the book. If and when he goes back on it, I'll get it. Until then, NOPE!!

Sam Kieth said...

Re: 30Days: Why Sam sometimes Disappoints?

Hey guys,

Appreciate Marcus coming to my defense re: Anonymous comments above, he's totally entitled to speak his/her mind.

Truth is, I try all sorts of things. Some work, some don't. I personally had trouble wrapping my head around 30days, so I'm trying other things instead. But i wanted to see if i could. I also was disappointed on my Batman: deadly serious work too, and tons of other stuff I've tried, so I agree not everything I try will work, the blog is proof of my 'hit and miss' track record.

But that's GOOD news too. Pos. or Neg. feedback. Because ALL of your feedback clears out the dust.. wakes me up...there's more than enough room (and good will) built up for ANY you to let me know what you love.. are indifferent too.. or just hate.

That's the MAIN reason I subtly keep weening you towards painting creator owned stuff like Dana or Nola ( i know, those books aren't out yet) .. or even the future oversized Art Books. (future one will be hardbound) I'm actually flattered you like the same stuff i do.

Those are where you'll probably see me 'at by best'. That doesn't mean I try any less on other stuff. I don't 'hold back' on work for hire super stuff. Nobody plans to do work that doesn't click. I tried a monthly to see if i could. I doubt i'll try again. I did the best i could, but i seem better suited to mini series.

I always say: creating something is sort of like building sculpture in a room with the lights turned off. You've blind, have no idea if it's going to work or not, until someone flips on the lights. Once you see it, I'm often as surprised ( or horrified?) as the reader is. But by then, your committed, and must see it through to the books finish.

Thus, you try harder on the next thing, or try something DIFFERENT.. just to keep finding your your way back home.

Somebody once asked Paul Simon why his Graceland album worked so well. He said the failure of several previous albums before it were the cause. I appreciate open honest discussion about my stuff, whatever you feel. It's all good.

Wow, that 's pretty funny Marcus ~ my pretending to be Anonymous? Oddly enough, I'm all too willing to be 'disappointed' in my own stuff on the blog, without having to use an anonymous ID, eh? : )

Thanks guys, these are at least INTERESTING comments - cool stuff... and all grist for the mill.

Marcus Collar said...

Sorry for doing some name calling was more pun than anything... But seriously just like I'm sure all true artist do, you sell yourself short Mr.K(but who the hell am I).
Further more I think at times you get a bad rap because you daringly transcend genre's with the various styles in your toolbox. Your one of the underground guys that made the leap to doing superheroes (wait that could be like a zombie joke?).

I used to paint and do gallery shows so I have issues of my own about opinions of art. It's like this...Remember the John Lovitz Art teacher from the Simpson's, he looks at a canvas and says "wonderful work" then walks over the janitor painting something and says "wonderful work"!

that being said, I want to repeat myself from another post there is something in your detail and color as well that reminds us all about why we even draw...

like hearing a guitar being played juuuuust right.(but up to Goldielocks)

ok well enough about me...



Anonymous said...

Mr. Kieth,

Thank you for your kind and honest response. I am a huge fan of yours, and I buy everything you put out. I am anxiously awaiting your art books. I can't wait!

I just had to wonder if your heart was not really into the "30 Days" comics. To me, it didn't seem like a good fit. I kept looking at the amazing work coming out on your blog, and I felt it just couldn't compare to the "30 Days" art.

I wish you well, and I apologize if my initial comments offended you or anyone else. Keep up the great work!

Marcus Collar said...

sorry duder!

cody said...

that is awesome that your on the top ten list, that is huge. I really like the group shot.

Marcus Collar said...

yeah the group shot is fun!

nico said...

Congratulations Sam!!!; you are my favorite artist out there... I follow your work since I'm 14 years old and I never get tired of the art pieces you create... even the simplest doodles feels like a breeze of fresh air. Thank you so much for the inspirations that this blog brings to many lifes including mine.
Best regards.

Aaron Desira said...

Hey sam, I hope your deadlines are jumping out and drawing themselves. I wondered if you had ever seen UK born artist Mike Worrall? if not check out his website, might inspire you in your personal projects. I dig his paintings is all.

nico said...

hey Sam... I forgot to ask: will you keep doing webcomic ?

juvinwo said...

OMG!! I just saw the new Sam Kieth project!!! The cats out of the bag!! He is teaming up with John Layman to do an Aliens book!!! WIN!!! I'm so gonna get that!!!

november 17th said...

I'll be taking a peek at that new Batman comic and thank you for always being so unique.

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