Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Plugging myself and crap lying on my studio floor.

Anna Breslaw wrote an insightful and cool article about my stuff HERE, so thought I'd pass that along if you haven't seen it ~ thanks Anna!

Also, (and it's a little cheezy plugging myself), but i got word from DC the Batman Hater book popped on on the New York Times top ten list. I am just vain enough to say: yay. Course, being Bruce Jones WROTE it, and Batman being IN it, i''m sure all of that that didn't hurt either.

Here's a peak at the type which i cut and pasted into this very blog.. in dramatic RED highlights.. (subtle huh?)


 X-MEN: SCHISM, by Jason Aaron and others. (Marvel Entertainment, $24.99.) Cyclops and Wolverine are at odds over the future of the X-Men.

2 BATMAN: THROUGH THE LOOKING GLASS, by Bruce Jones and Sam Keith. (DC Comics, $22.99.) This original graphic novel tells the tale of the first meeting between the Dark Knight and the villainous Mad Hatter.

3 THE ADVENTURES OF TINTIN, VOL. 1, by HergĂ©. (Little, Brown Books for Young Readers, $18.99.) Three adventures, one graphic novel: "Tintin in 
America," "Cigars of the Pharaohs" and "The Blue Lotus."


Okay, enough sam shamelessly plugging himself crap.. here's some ART - cool stuff i grabbed off the studio floor because i'm LATE on a bunch of comic stuff.. 

Above is the original (un-photoshoped) Secrets cover i'm sure you'll recognize... (since this is sort a 'batty' post.)  

.. also un-used poster for the comic book legal defense fund.. with a bunch of characters from the trout-a-verse all tied in together... (note the skinner Dana, before i added a little meat to her bones!) 

..and lastly, a panel from the Nola graphic novel I'm still monkeying with. 

Just wanted to add... without all your guys reading me over the years, stuff like the the Bat book,  or Anna's article, or YOU guys continued patience, comments, jokes and never-ending SUPPORT on this friggin' Blog, you guys are the reason  i keep cranking this stuff out! 

I'd like to think we inspire each other. Judging by the amazing art work many of you are all doing too, my greatest contribution may not be any one published series of comics i did, but inspiring weird wonderful artists out there, that they are NOT alone... and weird, is good. Tolerated. Can even flourish. Hey, if a madman like me can find fellow minded weirdos, then there's hope for us all, eh? : )  

Okay, THIS... will have to do (for a few days) ~  until i slay this current batch of deadline - wish me luck gang! 

- Sam