Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Another Dana, Lobo & Another Abstract

Here's the original Logo page for Batman Logo... a photo copy actually. Came across it by accident today.

I've always felt the less color on lobo's face and body, the better. Even the best colorist tend to over-color him.

The way Simon designed him in the first series... white face against black... it just as so much punch in how the contrast is, doesn't it? i just thought i'd throw it up here for fun.

Started this Dana one last week, so i'll finish it this morning.

again, trying for 'less is more' on this version of her.

Side by side..

keeping it light with the face shadows..

everything's either black colored pencils or reg. number 2 pencil. Also a watercolor brush. 

a little more buffed on her arms, small boobs, tighter tummy, rounder checks on her face.  

 sorta apples and oranges really, isn't it? I mean you could waste all day picking parts from each one you like better. 

 I'm kinda surprised, i though i'd like this new one much better, and i do like it. But it's not 'better'... 

just a different mood.  

Much more detail in her orange tank top too. Not sure why i emphasized what i did, i think it's just organic when you redraw something, you lose some things, gain others.. 

Here's an abstract I started a while back, added a little more to it this morning. 

It gets a little busy towards the middle, but the top swirls seem pretty interesting.. 

Abstracts are hard to justify really, aren't they? They barrow against everyone's patience, understandably. 

But i'm still drawn to them. 

with these cropped photos, you can almost get a better sense of it than all at once. It's like your attention gets focused on certain sections... it's almost like comic panels, isn't it?  

I've often use abstract paints I've done as backgrounds in comics i do, just for fun. 

I think i still need to blend some of the acrylic white paint with the white out pen, which is much cruder a tool.. 

but that's about it for this one. no process photos on this sucker, sorry. But you got some of that on the Dana one above. 

The 'mom in the tub' again.. a reoccurring theme in Nola's life. 

okay gang, glad your digging everything so far, have to play catch up this week, but i'll try to get something else up this week for sure! 

- Sam 


Guy Kozowyk said...

I tried to get a hold of you through the Chickens Revolt but I don't know if the message made it through. I have a project I'd like to run by you. Please drop me an email when you have time. guy@indiemerch.com

Georgia said...

That abstract is just fantastic! And I love the arms on Dana in particular.

cody said...

the abstarct turned out rad reminds me of alien forest imploding , when you draw abstract do you have something in mind or just do it and see what happens

jennifer kraska said...

I get lost in your abstracts! I always want to put a bird them (no disrespect).....they just seem like a nice place for a bird to perch.

Christopher Charlie said...

Sam, what did you use to color the orange shirt on Dana?

Sam Kieth said...

Thanks Guy, we'll look into it.

Hey Georgia, yeah, the arm is sorta the star of both paintings isn't it? Cody, alien forest? Yeah, i can see that. Some people said a flamenco dancer too. I guess it's ornate.. possibly gaudy.

I actually throw the top of this painting onto one of the three art book covers in the Sam's Blog' logo above - check it out.

Jen, if i could paint birds as well as you I'd add one in there myself!

Chris, I painted Dana's shirt in with my two main stand-bys ... Dr, Martin's watercolor and water soluble brush pens.

Thanks everyone!

tromafan said...