Thursday, July 31, 2014

Call Off the Search Party...!!!

After an absence this long, not mentioning it is pretty silly, even for someone as sporadic at posting as I am.  However whatever personal issues I was or continue to go through, my dirty laundry - is not why you check this blog, is it?

I don't mean you don't care - I just mean.. Your mainly here to look at cool crap. Or hopefully 'interesting crap'.  Or even 'crap that totally fails', but hey... a 'look' is free, right? Esp. online. So remember, when i 'disappear'.

There's is always a valid reason. No snub or disrespect intended.

'nuff said.

Above is a brief evolution of Maxx Cover 13.  I kept avoiding adding to much color to the maxx..

.. preferring the 'brown paper' version of Jungle Queen Julie with her hair up..

But it's unavoidable. For better or worse... purple guy always sticks out like a sore thumb.

I came across this in a pile of art, it's a film for the printer, back in the negative days.. you'll recognize what page it's from.

Notice the primary colors on the left, the gray bar on the right. Kinda creepy image with the light coming through isn't it?

Was thinking when i die someday and - out of context, if somebody came across this in a thrift or garage sale.. somebody who didn't read comics of know the Maxx,

...they'd have no friggin' idea what the hell it was... would they?

Here's a Heros cover I did for their charity. Nightcrawlers hair is the star of the page. Weird to think for most kids who know him from the X-man movies, he's not gangly or skinny at all.  A deign or 'character language' that only exists in comics.

Here's another Heros cover, just parody of my cover above. Just for fun. No idea what Adventure Time was, had to google it.  Took ten minutes to draw, and it shows. But It still cracks me up.

If anyone bids more than 5 bucks for this sucker, their getting ripped off. : )


Highlights off of wet ink on a page. Nothing like it.

Here's the third piece i did of these "Two Sisters" artwork, which i've posted before. Here's the anima version.. only i had to 'ruin' one of them.

The point of the original one was looking past an idealized view of women. Of in this case, an asian woman in a kimono.

Huge fan of Junko Mizuno, so part of it is just loves the cuteness of Anima/Manga, yet another part of me that gets sick of how cute it all is. Notice i made a smudge on the sister on the right, so i HAD to add a smudge to the sister on the left too...

So here's the next in the series. I didn't feel I'd 'messed up' the sister on the left enough. Yeah, her eyes were wonky, but i had to go further... ... *that's* more like it!  Gold-Green-Orange is a jarring combo.

Now before you freak out, just calm down. It wasn't that great looking of a face, was it? The point is the facade of beauty, or at least that's what i intended..

Gold paint's always a bitch because it usually scans so it looks flat. It's seeing the highlights in person that adds to the glowing effect.

Now before you have my guts for garters,  remember i did a similar defacing of the original Sisters artwork too. But you know what... much as a lot of people scratched their heads, or wondered " aww, why'd he have to screw up those faces?"... ( which is a valid question ) ...

My heart was touched by one fan who stood in line at the Comic Art Museum. He pointed out this  specific piece (below), and he thoughtfully explained me how, in his opinion, he felt it was not just a moving piece of art, but that it really touched him personally.

Geez.... that really melted my heart to hear that.

He's not alone either.

For some people they feel that same way about the Maxx.  I think anybody who was open minded enough to pick up the Maxx in the first place.. is obviously open to new unusual kinds of illustration and story telling.

Heck, if a comic fan hated my art that much, they'd have to be *masochistic* to keep reading that book otherwise.. right?

I mean, i'm not even ashamed or bothered by it anymore...

My art's messed up, and so am i.

Come on, admit it...  compared to most comics ~ the Maxx it IS...... a friggin' weird-ass looking book!

..but then, i guess, basically... everything i do pretty much is.

Thanks for hanging in there for me.


greenspree said...

I love your wierdness (<-- see what I did there?), and I love hearing your thoughts and what's going on with you as much as seeing the art you post.

I'll keep reading if you keep posting.

Adam S. Messinger said...

Man, that's why I love your stuff. The Maxx totally changed the way I looked at comics and storytelling with how weird it was. It totally gave me permission to just be myself as an artist and be okay showing off flaws and all. Thanks for being you.

juvinwo said...

Wonderful stuff Sam. As always! When are the other worlds of Sam books coming? Can't wait! IM EATING UP the maxx rereleases too! Keep up the amazing work!

Kevin Russell said...

Always love your updates, art and writing. As for weirdness, I took mine and rode off with it rather than fight it. Yes seeing the Maxx helped me make that decision when I was young.

jennifer kraska said...

Glad you're back.....thankful you are always out there. Thanks! Jenn

VeganMike said...

Keep Kieth Weird!

Also, glad to see a new post. For the record, I would've cared if you'd posted personal crap, but as I said last year I'm a psychiatry resident, so maybe I've got an odd interest in peoples' issues that others don't share. Of course, please don't feel pressured to post things that are too personal, but I'm letting you know that people actually do care :)

In fact, the impressive personal issues that your characters go through are the biggest reason that I love your work so much!

VeganMike said...

Two more things:

1. A new Maxx logo?!? Interesting. It's certainly more in keeping with your current style, which is a good thing. I'm assuming it's a one-off change for that cover, but either way it's more an interesting change than a good or bad change.

2. That rabbit picture freaked me out as a kid. I was 14 and in my "too cool for everything, act like I'm tough" phase, and needed to sleep with the lights on after seeing that episode of the cartoon. Some time maybe I'll write the whole story down... it's a great illustration of how teenagers, who think they're fully adults, are really still kids underneath it all in a lot of ways. Or at least that's how I was!

the danman can said...

Love that Maxx logo on that issue.

You should make a comic called 'Issues'. Would be ironic, no?

Looking forward to that new Maxx story in Hero Comics coming soon and hopefully more frequent blog posts.

Take care.

cody said...

Great to have you back.

Alexandra Nash said...

I don't know if you bother with us fangirls/boys commenting on your blog, but i believe that you do. Every time I read your posts....they are so personal, and I feel as though I can see where your art is coming from. Does that sound creepy? Probably...but I always get a renewed kind of purpose/need for my own artistic practice when I come check out your new work...keep being you, which is an awesome breath of fresh air in the art world.

Loupre said...

dear Maxx Traxx,

hello Sam and fellow rabid Sam fans, i am simply curious, is there much overlap in the art and outtakes collected in all of these recently released books below?

i have Sketchbook #1 and also a long ago purchase titled I Before E #1...

but I am wondering are all of these recent books pretty original in and of their own contents? or is there a lot of overlap? or some overlap, or just the right amount of overlap!

mostly interested in The Worlds of Sam Kieth, Volume 1, Sketchbook #2, and Samplings and Dabblings - A Cartoon Art Museum Exhibition...?

i reread Legs the other day, just to further the Sam glow...

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