Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Gearing back up...

Back after the 'hollow days'...

here's a couple panels from Batman Secrets..

Some promo art from Hollows, with typical 'distorted sam trees'

And yet another monster..


cody said...

Hope you had a good holiday. love the bat mobile.

Aron sigtau said...

Just found your blog and wanted to drop in and say I love your artwork. It's completely original and it brightens up my day. Keep on keeping on man.

Marcus Collar said...

Love the Monster! When is your next appearance?
I actually want a sketch this time hehe!

great to see you on old Bat's again!

great Monster or Monser as my son said when he was younger.

Much respect,
Napa, CA

Allan Sconza said...

Hey, I'm sorry this isn't related to your recent artwork, but I had to contact you and this was the easiest way I've found. Did you see Birdman? I'm watching it now and can't help but wondering what you think about how all of Michael Keaton's inner monologue is exactly how the Max's was on Mtv. Did you have anything to do with this movie?

Mathias Fourrier said...

hi Sam;
I just bought the Hero Initiative 2014 issue, and thank you for that "ride on the flying carpet of nostalgia" :) I hadn't read Maxx since it ended in the late 90s'. I rememeber when "Legs" came out in the edito you said people would probably be disapointed, i have to tell you I wasn't because i wasn't expecting anything. And the 2014 Maxx felt exactly like the Maxx from 96...New AND good ! I don't think nostalgia is a bad thing, it can drive creation exactly like Love or Sadness ( or anything else ). I miss the Maxx, and I miss Its letter page too ( it was the best letter page ever actually, this is where i discovered Zappa !), cheers,

Anonymous said...

YOUR 'panels a day' keep MY blues away. Please, post something, Sam,
you are one of my favourite artists ever. I adore your Arte. Bye

James Best said...

Sam, you're MIA again so I wanted to send you a quick message wishing you well and hoping all it good on your end. I received my Maxx Purple edition last week and it's fantastic. Take care man.

Christina Bryant said...

The way you draw the Joker is amazing. You just get him.

zachariah adams said...

Hey Sam, I'm a returning art student at UTA and have an illustration class that requires a presentation. I grew up on The Maxx and is by far my favorite series. That being said, I wouldn't think of giving a presentation on any other story line. I was just wondering if you could give me any insights or direct me to some decent interviews. Your work has greatly influenced my style as a child and I still find my self going back to some of those elements quite often in my painting. I'd love to bring some something insightful to this group of younger illustration students. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Kieth, I hope you are doing okay. Life is too short to live unhappily.

Mike Mc said...

Hi Sam,

The Santa Fe Comic Con would like you to be a guest if possible. What is the best way for them (me) to get in touch with your management team to work out the details? The convention is October 23rd-25th. My email is mikeream79@gmail.com. Look forward to hearing from someone from your team. Thank you! ~Mike

Charles Akins said...

I just wanted to drop a line and tell you that reading your blog has gotten me to pick up my art supplies again. You were one of the reasons why I first started drawing when I was in middle school and your art continues to inspire me. Thank you for sharing so much on here. Thank for being such an inspiration.

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