Thursday, December 25, 2014


You'll probably recognize this.. 

The big 'tow nail scene' from the original Maxx comics, only this time a painted version.

Got a bit abstract up top..

A lot of this texture never survives the scans.

Here's another pic, a little closer on the two of them. I actually prefer this version to the black and white version in the Maxx comic, but personal prefe's are always subjective...  apples and oranges.

Here's a few other panels... just some odds n' ends.

Some Ghosts from Hallows..

Page from another short story i did years ago... ( don't ask me to post the rest, this was probably the best of it)..

A unusually *horizontal* Hallows panel. Sorta inspired by Dr. Strangelove-esk war room design.

Some cartoony looking boys picking on a little girl, while a baby Martian worries if he's the next victim.  Strange all the strange characters, situations and atmospheres one creates when drawing a comic-book.  I can't think of a more surreal way to earn a living, dreaming up goofy stuff.

- Sam


cody said...

Thanks for another awesome post Sam, hope you have an awesome Christmas/ festivus .

cody said...
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StarDragon77 said...

Beautiful work. You wouldn't happen to be selling any prints would you?

jennifer kraska said...

Wishing you a relaxing, stress free holiday Sam. Your posts have been very inspiring, now that I have a short break from the crazy I hope to produce some stuff myself.
Be well.

e.vura said...

The toe nail clipping page is one of my most favorite pages from The Maxx. I liked it so much I drew it myself. See?

James said...

Dear Sam,

I don't have a lot of money, as I have suffered a stroke and have just moved into a care facility, but have been a fan of Maxx since you released your early ashcans and would love to brighten my small space with this "toe nail scene" and Maxx painted Cover #2 showcased on your blog here.

Can you advise?

Anonymous said...

I too have suffered a stroke and was hit by a drunk driver on my way to the hospital. I too would like the toenail scene as well as any cover you want to throw in.

Christina Bryant said...

The toe nail scene is still one of my favorites, it's just a perfect summary of their vulnerabilities; and those clouds! And something about Jilly's profile in the original... really love the textures you got in this new one. And how Maxx's foot just fades off into the ether.

michaelprestige said...

Hi Sam,

Who should I contact about purchasing some of your original art? I'm interested in the short story your did in House of Mystery #23. Any info is much appreciated.

Sorry to contact you via comment, I wasn't sure how else to reach you.

Best Regards,
Michael Ingram

Anonymous said...

Dear Sam,
I hope you will consider releasing a book of all the MAXXIMIZED covers. Fans like me who already have all the Maxx comics would still be very interested in getting a chance to own all the new, amazing covers. Thank you for your consideration.

Shannan said...

Hello, my name is Shannan Burkley I met you back at Digital Domain (19-20?) years ago. Toured you through the facility and took you to the airport and hoped we'd be making the Maxx movie. It was an amazing experience! Im working on Batman now, SO cool to see your renderings on the blog! Re-watching the Maxx currently, it's still so beautiful and my all time favorite comic (I guess the PC term now is graphic novel) however it's still simply gorgeous and continues to inspire. Thank you, hope life is good. S.

Mas said...

Loving Maximized Sam!

I love the new colors (no knock to Mr. Oliff). You can really see the art a lot more (plus, I imagine better scans of the art in the new version given how much more sharper and vibrant the painted pages are is helping that too). I dunno, the older colors seem to obscure the art in comparison.

ange said...

I love the Tow Nail scene, it's my favorite and I've always mused about getting that tattooed on my arm. I've wanted a Maxx tattoo for so long.

michaelprestige said...

Hi Sam,

It looks like you were not a fan of your work on the House of Mystery short story. However, I thought it was great. Any chance the original pages are still available for purchase. If so, I am an interested buyer.

Best Regards,
M. Ingram

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