Thursday, December 17, 2015

2 more Maxx Covers.... and a couple of Random Pages.

Finishing off the last of the Maxx scans - so thought I'd snap a few pics of a page or two. You can see the white out on this one. Yeah, will collect them in some big-ass collection next year, but remember that's 35 issues, so unsure if it'll be One really fat book, or Two smaller volume's, or Four Vols. ?

 We'll figure something out.

Here's another new Maxx cover.. it's done with the same marbling effect that i used on that Trout cover i did a couple of posts back.

I went back in with colored pencil to bring out the abstract shapes the wet water created.

Julie's face was getting lost, so i darkened her up a little so she's pop out from all that abstract background.

That's more or less it for this cover.

Another random Maxx page. This one of Gone and Julie's son Mark Winters. I've forgot tons of things about this series over the years.

It's truly freaky-weird to re-read something you created some 20 odd years ago.

Maxx cover 29, getting towards the end. I'll keep doing covers even after the reprints stop, because I'm actually enjoying it for some reason.

This one's a playful nod to one of the cover's i did for that Hulk Wolverine mini series i did years ago.

Though i doubt anyone would notice unless you compared them side by side.

And speaking of side by side...

And Sara after she turns into a big Izs... clearly i was out of ideas at this point.

Sorry it's this one again, but I threw in a scanned version of  it, because it's interesting how much colder it is without my studio light warming it the version i sapped with a camera.