Saturday, December 12, 2015

New n' Old Maxx crap.. and the spaces in between.

Here's the new cover to one of the IDW Maxx reprints.


Wow, I almost ran out of yellow ink on this one..

Decided to leave the background white... seems like there's enough distracting stuff happening in the rest of the cover.

Some vintage Maxx sketches I dug up.

May have posed these a while back, but at least these are different pictures of them.

Maxx's design was still all over the place, still getting used to his proportions.


Come to thing of it, i never did settle on one exact way to draw the Maxx, did i?  Same deal with Julie..

Least a 'happy-faced' Maxx was ruled out early.  *That* would have been a wildly different book.

and finished up with the Slug cover again... glad i got a chance to throw him on at least one cover.

I may add a few more black dots on his tail,


or maybe not?

Either way,  this is the version that'll go on the reprint. But I suspect i'll just keep doodling Maxx covers every month, even after the reprints stop.

I'll find a home for them somewhere.

* * * 

Wanna thank everyone out there who hasn't given up on me yet. I know my hermit-like nature may make it seem like i don't care, but it's not true. I'm just at a time in my life when... my focus on drawing.. often takes away from more frequent posts, but i know it can be a pain to wait so long between posts.

Best way I can make it up to you is just to keep plugging away.  Drawing. Creating.  Never giving up.  All your considerable patience ... is *never* lost on me. Hopefully when i DO finally get it up to post again, it can make up for those long spaces in-between.



juvinwo said...

Wow Sam, just amazing stuff! I'm always looking for your next stuff! Been a fan since before the maxx. Love everything!!! With I could get a commission eventually!

Ty Massei said...

That you're willing to post at all is a really grateful act, so thank you a lot, again.

VeganMike said...

Love that slug picture... can't wait to pick it up on the reprint!

Curious: a while back there was talk about several hardcovers of Maxx reprints that would be the "everything's here for the hardcore fans" version of things. That didn't seem to be what the current slipcases are (though they look gorgeous)... is something less limited-edition but more "everything including the kitchen sink" coming down the pipeline?

And don't worry about not posting that often... we're still here, and I for one am happy both when you post (yay! Sam stuff!) and when you don't (yay! Sam has a life that's given him something better to do than post on a blog!). Thanks for everything we get, and congrats on the inspiration to draw :-)

Terrence Cain said...

Hello, Sam. My name is Terrence Cain. I've been a fan of your work since I first saw it back during your period on the Marvel Comics Presents... title. Let me say that I appreciate your posts when they come, and let me further say that you don't owe any of us a damn thing. We're your fans, but you're not ours to control. We wait, we wait patiently, and we respect you and what it is you do for the art world. And if by chance people who claim to be your fans are pushy, whiny, and mistreat you in any way aren't real fans to begin with. So you can tell them where to stick their comments because they don't have a right to complain for essentially what is free, and ultimately what was never promised to them to begin with. Have a merry Xmas, and a very prosperous and happy 2016, Sam. :)


Sam, I think I can safely say that your followers would never give up on you. You're simply too unique, too talented and too influential (to both artists and art appreciators alike) for that to ever happen.

icepick method said...

The Biz gets a check in the mail every time you draw those arms.

Fernando Valencia said...

You know what would be great? After all is said and done with reprints you (IDW) puts out an all covers issue that has the first covers, the recolor ed & the new covers. To include the wizards covers, minis, Darker Image, Inside Image. You can also have covers that didn't work out & ones you've been working on lately. It could be in a deluxe card stock like back in the day that way the price will be low & a HC edition. Just a thought.

Fernando Valencia said...

Also, any updates on the Pott-Belly figure? Been saving my pennies for that bad boy! Thanks

jennifer kraska said...

Love the slug cover, especially the negative space! So good! Delighted to stumble across a new post. Thanks Sam.

cody said...

The banana slug design has always been one of my favorites I'm glad to see him again.

Deron Murphree said...

Just keep doing your thing however long it may take and I will admire it from afar.

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