Saturday, December 12, 2015

New n' Old Maxx crap.. and the spaces in between.

Here's the new cover to one of the IDW Maxx reprints.


Wow, I almost ran out of yellow ink on this one..

Decided to leave the background white... seems like there's enough distracting stuff happening in the rest of the cover.

Some vintage Maxx sketches I dug up.

May have posed these a while back, but at least these are different pictures of them.

Maxx's design was still all over the place, still getting used to his proportions.


Come to thing of it, i never did settle on one exact way to draw the Maxx, did i?  Same deal with Julie..

Least a 'happy-faced' Maxx was ruled out early.  *That* would have been a wildly different book.

and finished up with the Slug cover again... glad i got a chance to throw him on at least one cover.

I may add a few more black dots on his tail,


or maybe not?

Either way,  this is the version that'll go on the reprint. But I suspect i'll just keep doodling Maxx covers every month, even after the reprints stop.

I'll find a home for them somewhere.

* * * 

Wanna thank everyone out there who hasn't given up on me yet. I know my hermit-like nature may make it seem like i don't care, but it's not true. I'm just at a time in my life when... my focus on drawing.. often takes away from more frequent posts, but i know it can be a pain to wait so long between posts.

Best way I can make it up to you is just to keep plugging away.  Drawing. Creating.  Never giving up.  All your considerable patience ... is *never* lost on me. Hopefully when i DO finally get it up to post again, it can make up for those long spaces in-between.