Friday, December 30, 2016

Sweet Sweet Bulbs..

 Here's a piece from my art book called 'Sweet Sweet Bulbs'.

This Monday was the 34th year anniversary for me and my wife. 

Not to be overly sentimental or anything, but i wouldn't even *be* in comics, (or probably even be drawing at all), if it wasn't for her warm companionship, love and support over all these years.   


Sweet Bulbs line is from a Captain Beefheart song.  Melody wise, it's not an easy or conventionally 'pretty' song.  But there's a kind of ugly beauty, and a kind of honesty in the poetic lyrics,

at least for me.

In the old days, i used to print out lyrics to favorite songs, then paint across them in watercolor..

.. then tape them up on my old studio wall, just for inspiration.

She used to have a Garden we'd spend time in, and the lyric that reminded me of her are the ones towards the bottom: 

In darkness or light you're free t' grow as flowers
Share her throne n' use her toothbrush
'n spend some interesting hours