Saturday, December 31, 2016


I kinda like this one, although i can't explain why really.  

Maybe it's just the textures?  


Here's two characters talking about my art. I wrote it because many years ago i overheard two fan boys at a comic con years ago wondering if i was deliberately denying my fans "lots of little lines" in my more abstract artwork?

But the truth is, my fans are probably even more open minded than i am.  I'm not sure what constitutes "abstract art" in comics anyway.   Maybe the terminology itself is the culprit?


juvinwo said...

Sam, I feel that anything that is not your "basic superhero fare" is considered abstract to most people. Your work and ones like it are the spices that make comic art stand out among the boring "meat" of comics. from the "norm" of what you would imagine as mainstream comic art. Personally your art is amazing and I don't consider it abstract. I consider it a visionary take on whatever you tackle. Brilliant and different.

Iam Nowhere said...

Sam, I fell in love with the piece you showed in the post ( and I want to buy it.

Send me an email so we could talk.

nunruid7 said...

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