Saturday, March 4, 2017

Bonus Post: "2 Maxx-Covers-in-Progress"

I know i've already posted today, but one of these Covers came together really quickly today for some reason.

For something different, the goal here was stuffing Maxx figure into a snug little square compositional space , then - (and I have no idea why, but for some reason ) - Maxx's back . . just started bunching up like a thick baggy carpet.  Weird, huh?

Julie's also a lot loser and stylized here too just for fun.

This second one's a Klimt version of Julie still in pencil, and a more typical bulky Maxx, which still needs to be finished.  I've only got half a dozen more covers to finish for the "Maxx 100 Covers" book.


I know, you guys keep asking ( understandably) when i'll finish Nola, or the Big Book Of Twout, ( ~ all  good questions. ) -

Hopefully both will come out this year, so stay tuned.

I don't wanna get mushy, but just gotta say . .  I've never felt so honored I'm able to do this stuff for all you guys n' gals out there -  i'm truly humbled that all of you fans out there,  are the ones who have made goofy ideas like the Maxx possible in the first place!


Anonymous said...

Wow, great fun to see MAXX's back all scrunched.
A wonderful treat to get this bonus post.
I love all your stuff.
But, most of all-MAXX and Julie!!!

Anonymous said...

Fantastic Maxx stuff! Can't wait to order the Maxx 100 covers book.

juvinwo said...

We are honored to be see your artwork! Truly amazing! And these books coming are going to be awesome! Thank you Sam!

James Best said...

We are all honored to have you in our lives. Please never stop doing what you do!!!

Tom said...

Thank you for sharing your inspiring work, Sam. I cannot wait for the Maxx Covers book!!!

Adam said...

The bunched up skin makes me think more of an ageing Maxx, like the sagging skin of an old elephant.

Justin Couron said...

Just picked up The Maxx on Humble Bundle, and my god the Chapter Four cover art is godly. Thank you for your art Sam.

JVietze said...

man, i think when you cram an imaginary guy into an imaginary box, you get yourself some very real scrunchyback.