Saturday, March 4, 2017

Bonus Post: "2 Maxx-Covers-in-Progress"

I know i've already posted today, but one of these Covers came together really quickly today for some reason.

For something different, the goal here was stuffing Maxx figure into a snug little square compositional space , then - (and I have no idea why, but for some reason ) - Maxx's back . . just started bunching up like a thick baggy carpet.  Weird, huh?

Julie's also a lot loser and stylized here too just for fun.

This second one's a Klimt version of Julie still in pencil, and a more typical bulky Maxx, which still needs to be finished.  I've only got half a dozen more covers to finish for the "Maxx 100 Covers" book.


I know, you guys keep asking ( understandably) when i'll finish Nola, or the Big Book Of Twout, ( ~ all  good questions. ) -

Hopefully both will come out this year, so stay tuned.

I don't wanna get mushy, but just gotta say . .  I've never felt so honored I'm able to do this stuff for all you guys n' gals out there -  i'm truly humbled that all of you fans out there,  are the ones who have made goofy ideas like the Maxx possible in the first place!