Wednesday, April 12, 2017

3 Different Moms

Here's a series of Moms I've drawn over the years.

Julie's Mom rarely gets stressed, but I've always wondered why she has no nose?


Here's a Mom from the Worlds art book, overly stressing over an impending family gathering.


Lastly the 50's mom from Mars Attacks, Alien Invasions are enough to stress anyone's nerves.


That's it - your done.


Anonymous said...

Mom's, complicated relationships.
First few years we are SO dependent on them.
Then a fight to find who we are without them.
Then later in life, a new appreciation for all
that they contributed to our lives.
Thanks for your view of three Mom's.

juvinwo said...

Love it sam! Mom's of all types!

BoRoar said...

50's mom from Mars Attacks is wonderful! :-)