Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Batman: Secrets, Gallery Edition Book

Speaking of Bat-stuff, Bob Chapman and the good folks at Graphitti Design will be collecting an Original Art Sized collection of my Batman Secrets mini series, plus some of the best pages from a  half dozen other Batman mini series i've done over the years too, including some Lobo and some Scratch pages.

Here's another page that'll be in the book.

Release date is probably sometime in Aug. or Sept.

Here's some press info:


The style and excitement of Sam Kieth’s artwork are captured for all to see in the pages of the new BATMAN: SECRETS — SAM KIETH GALLERY EDITION. Though the focus is of this 248-page edition is on Kieth’s contributions to the series BATMAN: SECRETS, this large-format, Smythe-sewn hardcover edition also includes his complete artwork from BATMAN: CONFIDENTIAL #40, BATMAN/LOBO #1 and his 8-page story from BATMAN #38, as well as an extensive gallery section containing covers and pages from SCRATCH, ARKHAM ASYLUM: MADNESS and BATMAN: THROUGH THE LOOKING GLASS.

Measuring 12" by 17", this deluxe volume is printed in high definition at 200 lines per inch on heavy paper stock to closely approximate the look and feel of the original art boards.

The BATMAN: SECRET — SAM KIETH GALLERY EDITION can be ordered from the DC Comics section of the order form. Additional information can be found in the DC Comics pages in this month’s PREVIEWS.

_____248 pg., FC, HC………………$125.00 US


Look, i realize not everybody is gonna wanna pop for this sucker, but for Die-Hard Fans of Big-Assed Original Sized Art Books, just passing word along in advance.

If you've seen Kelly Jones Batman book that Bob did, it's pretty awesome looking too.  So looks like I'll be in pretty good company.

Okay, back to the usual helping of 'free daily pics' to check out.

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