Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Missing March post shows up in June!

MOCK "MARCH" post.

I know, been a while hasn't it?

And now, because we need some eye-candy, here's a drawing i did for my mom. She likes Bisons. duh. Now back to why i've not posted in so long..

Lost some work, took a few personal and professional bullets in my hide, but I'm still kicking and thrashing about, more or less back on track is the Cliffs Notes version. Still here. In an effort to make up for the 5 months’ of posts I FLAKED on, this is my solution:

Mock MARCH post: (Ignore the dates, just pretend this came out in March, kay? Thanks.) Wow—is it March already? Feels like it, huh?

Yep, you gotta suffer through really bad jokes about it too. anyhoo... I guess i'll take a Vonegut-like leap into the future to ... whoosh—June! Looks like June is when DC's just published my “Arkham Asylum 96” hardcover..

..as you can see, a box of copies from the printer sadly sit on my bedroom floor unread and unwrapped.


Because, I always find SOME goof-up in the printing that causes a juvenile tantrum on my part; thus I throw them away and my wife later digs them out of the garbage behind my back; then later, another saner Sam is eventually able to look at them and NOT have a hissy fit.


But not right now. Plus, a box of hardcover books are heavier to throw into (and dig out) of the garbage than a comic, so here they remain, for now. Lurking. Staring back at me. Ominously.

I know this sounds like a cute little story, but what's REALLY disturbing is that every word is true. Sad, but true. So let's not wait for me to look at it; could be a while.

In the meantime, here are a few 'behind the scene' pages that didn't make it into the hardcover, just for fun.

How we made the book, and all these dumb little fake antique cardboard boxes I made for the Joker to collect in the story.

Alternate versions of pages. Most of these are NOT in the comic, so consider this a continuation of the pages that are already in the hard cover.

Hey, since i haven't LOOKED at it yet, these might be in there already for all i know...

I'd like to thank editor Mike Siglain for babysitting me for the better part of nine months, being a midwife to this sucker. Artists are indulgent, spoiled sons of a bitches; just ask my wife. It's a thankless job dealing with freelancers. Don't do it editors, get a REAL job, find some shred of an actual LIFE. Escape us writer/artists types while there's still time!

Okay, I'll catch up with you NEXT month in APRIL, which golly...will seem like it's just minutes after March. Funny, that.