Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Jason Brubaker pin-up

Pages piling up this week so a little behind — (betchya thought I was gonna flake again for another three months, eh? don't blame you if you did).

Here's one for fellow comic creator dude Jason Brubaker. He's got a killer day job at Dreamworks doing the Kung Fu Panda flicks, but he's got a pretty awesome creator-owned book called 'reMind' that he'll be publishing on his own.  There're a ton of creator-owned comics dying on the vine right now. So I don't mind plugging another artist's labor of love.

He asked if I'd do a pin up for it, which I did right here... I started to color it in the upper left, then remembered I wanted him to color it.

I shot it over to him, and here's his colored version below. Pretty cool huh?

I really like how raw and unfinished he left her face; he's got a gutsy coloring style, but also a tender way with luminous lighting flooding a room.

Here's his blog if you wanna check out some more of his stuff...


Next Tues., more of *my* crap! : )