Sunday, December 26, 2010

5 little Buffaloes & little ojo photograph.

I know it's not Tuesday... I just felt inspired... painted a bunch of small buffaloes for Mom this year for Christmas. I bought a frame and painted them to the size of each one of the little squares. 

I tried to make one a retro lady buff with 60s hair and pointy Far Side glasses, but she just looks bone ugly, even with lipstick. What do you make a female buffalo lady look like ? Dunno. Eyelashes? Too late now. Oh well. At least Mom liked them... She liked the big guy with the cap, who's smoking a pipe. The frame is only 5 inches across so I had to work pretty tiny. So, lots of artistic flaws... which I kinda like. 

Otherwise things are peaceful, a slight dusting of snow this morning greeted us here in the mountains. Digging through some old debris in the studio I unearthed this doodle I sent to some producer friends of mine: 

I taped a photo I took of little Ojo that I made years before the Ojo movie. I wrote all sorts of goofy stuff on the borders of it... kinda takes me back. Making a little Ojo was a trip: Remember, fish parts go bad fast!—then you have to dump them. Yuk. Well, part feathers. Part puuuurrrrs. Part slime. That's what this little guy is made of. 

Until Tuesday, have a family-tolerable Christmas.    : )