Monday, November 7, 2011

Sketchbook Stuff

I'm crunched for time right now, so i thought i'd throw up a few old sketchbook pages.

These were around the time of the Broadminded story i did... note the girls belly aching to pop out a little?

Some of the 'plot points' are littering these art doodles.. sometimes i'll do them in color, one for each 20 page issue or chapter.... Obviously i lost more time on Charlie's shoulder and bicep and the Ira's girlfriends outfit that i did anything else..

above, just doodling between the of blue lines in the notebook.

I always like looking at how different artists-writers plot a story... it's always different. Some let the visuals set the pace, some write it out, or a little of both. It's telling ... what key words a writer uses to sum up a sequence. Be it either thumbnails or written sentences.

Interesting that above,  Four Women was part of a group of ideas... Legs too.. 'Kalamazoo' eventually morphed the Soccer Queen story in later Maxx issues.  Special Ed was something my Cousin Dave and I kicked around, then abandoned.

The 'Mother Daughter' idea went through dozens of several incarnations... which finally grew so large i split it into four parts ~ which later became the four stages of 'Dana' life.  ( I know, where *is* it, right? Coming SOON, i promise!) It's hard when things seem 'alive' in my head, but before they come out of my pen of pencil, they don't exist yet for you guys, huh?

What was 'Men and War' on that list above?  Don't even remember.  I do know 'guy' action stories, politics or war issues never hold my attention like dysfunctional mom daughter stuff does, so i imagine any War plots... just faded away.

I sometimes did these on the backs of pages too, so some have bleed throughs that look kinda ruddy.

Lucky a few are on one side, so their less busy.  I also was fiddling with those colored pencils, soft leads, a little color... but mostly just seeing where a sharpie took me.

There's always something 'revealed' about sketches, it's so personal.  Flawed.  It's like nothing's polished or fixed yet. It's all raw and exposed there, for better and worse.

I always thought my fashion stuff dated way back to Zerogirl, (remember the square headed mom?)  But i can see some of that fashion stuff scattered even these old sketches too.

Fashion designs just never pops up much in super hero comics, do they? So it never found an out let. Just bubbled away. These are a lot like everyone else's doodles, which is the point. Just letting the our imaginations go where they go.. even if it's a dead end.


Marcus Collar said...

I love sketches in pen and especially on binder paper or ringed pads. Amazing work!

Broadminded can get you killed!

cody said...

Dana's "magic projector type writer" is awesome, do you ever think of writing a straight books to reach more people, you have some deep ideas.

Sam_Kieth said...

Yeah Marcus, nothing like binder paper to make it really seem casual and random, eh? : )

Cody, yeah, i love that type-writer-magic-box thingy too. That's why i built it, and draw it too. It's like a whole alternate take on steam-punk, only with graffiti and moss thrown in too, (which steam-purest may loath... but whatever..)

Far as straight stories?.. (as in 'normal', right?) .. I think the few times i've tried writing 'straight' super hero stories, they show i'm really not at my best. I've nothing against them, just seems my quirky 'sam view of things' is what seems to please fans most, like Maxx.

Yeah, i might reach more readers if i tried, (or had any success in trying)...

I know what you mean though. Sorta like if the Coen bros doing a cross over movie for a bigger audience? it's crossed my mind too.

It's not like i have integrity or anything... it's just i'm too used to it my usual goofy-assed way. (shrug)

cody said...

I ment by straight as a book your normal stories but without pictures, because some people are put off by comics because they don't realize that they aren't all about super heroes, I need to work on my vocabulary the l.a. smog is gettin to my brain. I like your super hero stories that are psycological wolverine hulk little girl. I didn't mean to affend any anybody

Marcus Collar said...

ok being addressed by Sam Kieth about usage of binder paper is going on my blog LOL!

Marcus Collar said...

oh and no offense but Cody sounds like some old school letters to Mr.Kieth in the back pages of the Maxx...

which was a learning experience in itself

anyway you could reprint just a book of all the insane Maxx letters from long ago?

Bring out the Head Gardener!!

Sam_Kieth said...

Hey Cody,

You didn't offend me buddy, it's cool. I hear you about some being put off by non-super hero stuff. Probably over explained it a little myself, so didn't mean to go off on the subject too much. : )

Marcus, hey... binder paper's a worthy blog subject. Even if it is just a dork like me who brought it up. I think, as Cody pointed out, it wasn't so much him wanting me t write a straight story, just curious if I'd wanted to try. I think it's a worthy question.

Some fans wanted the old letter pages reprinted, but remember - all those fan letters almost doubles the page count of a collect maxx trade.

Here's my Question to you guys... should any future trade reprint the old maxx tracks letters? Or should it be like the DC trades and just the stories by themselves?

What do you think?

- Sam

Marcus Collar said...

I get what you mean, I just wanted it to sound like I was an old school Maxx fan hehee. No offense to Cody. But yeah don't print the letters thats why you get reader copies from the old comic book store (if one still exists near you). And please let the record show your a cool dork and an inspiration to us all!

oh and at times I credit my videos and/or artwork "binder paper productions"

don't get me started about defacing school books with my art I'm sure Mr.Kieth could tell some stories!

Marcus Collar said...

I LOVE the shots of the plot info it's like seeing a set list from an old show!

cody said...

I think the reprint should be in a bigger format the letters I don't know but the the trades are to small for my preference