Monday, January 16, 2012

Under the weather..

Apologize: a nasty dose of flu sorta kicking my ass lately. Yesterday,  I felt better for the firs time, than  have in weeks!  So i figure one more day and i'll be back up to speed. Thanks for everyone's patience.

 I know this cover's lo-rez,  may have posted this already before,

...but - hey - i figure it gives you *something* to look at until tomorrow..

- sam


Bernard Crowsheet said...

I feel like you put a chair in your studio for all of us (how do all of us sit on one chair?!?!) and let us see a tiny bit of the magic stuff that happens. I don't care if it's something that you posted yesterday or yesterday last year, anything from you is always welcome and enlightening. I think my copy of MCP 100 got lost in the hurricane, so getting too see the real thing is awesome. Hope you feel better get over being sick

Fernando Valencia said...

Good to see you back!

Marcus Collar said...

Heal well Mr. Kieth!

nice comment Bernard!

What about that inside cover you did for EXcalibur a long time ago it seems like they didnt even credit you on it I have to dig it out...

(god I love being random)

Frank Patriot said...

feel better soon. (generic, yet sincere comment)

Scott Bainbridge said...

I remember this one! It's a weird thing to fixated on, but I remember loving the hairs on Wolverine when I first got this issue.
Get well soon mate.

cody said...

The bug going around is pretty nasty, feel better.

Sam_Kieth said...

Bernard, MCP 100, lost in a hurricane? Holly crap, THAT'S sure a memorable way to lose a comic! Glad your okay though. Hey Farnando, glad to BE back.

Marcus, weird thing about that excalibur cover, i still have it.. didn't know i didn't get credit, i think i saw a printed one ONCE, on the stands. I should dig that out and post it. It's not the greatest cover, but there's a few stories about it i could tell.. so weird you'd mention something that obscure.

Thanks Frank (generic yet sincere reply.) : )

Scott, yeah, everyone loves those little hairs. Lots of artists do them though, not just me.

Yeah Cody, nasty stuff going around, looks like i've done my time though - fingers crossed!