Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Hair, Egrets, City-Trees, Re-drawing, Second-guessing.

Thanks for everyone's encouragement... we all need it and your words, however brief or long... are never lost on me.

By the way, as you've probably noticed by now... i like doodling hair. on potbelly. on women. i know that turns some people off, but i know you guys don't care. Hey, your getting of easy, i could drawing women look like Jenny Saville, (who's work inspires me to no end.)

I know, not everyone's cup of tea, that's cool.  Point is.. i'm impressed everyone's as accepting of my later stuff as they are. Speaks to how open minded my fans tend to be.

Been playing catch up on the Art book prep.... and pushing through issue 3 of the Hollows... plus gearing up for a sister blog to this one i'm tweaking.. might give you another place to look for cool stuff.

I'm always divided on what to throw up online... or what to throw in the art book. i want *some* stuff unseen so it doesn't just seem like a rehash of blog art, so a little of both hopefully.

If there are fashion paintings for example, i'll try to show some process or a different angle on it, to make it worth a second peak at it.

Just trying to avoid " ooh crap, i've already seen this stuff." but in a way an art book is collected stuff anyhoo isn't it? Probably just over thinking it. that should me on my tombstone, huh?

"Here lies sam kieth: a guy... who though waaaaaay to much." - yeah, sounds about right.

Been on a egret kick lately.. there's a few at a near by lake...

.. i'm amazed by how their necks contort and coil down into their bodies.

here i'm just trying to keep the body and beak simple and soft, 'under-illustrated'..

...trying to concentrate he focus on this birds eye and face. that's the goal anyhoo.

Also to draw something out of my comfort zone, even if it misses the mark, it gets me slightly outside of chubby, abstract of romanticized fashion women i usually fall into doing.

here's a hollows tree obviously. I was thinking of doing some oversized hollow trees... 'city trees' , whatever their called. Might be fun and i bet they'd look impressive in a big-ass painting canvas too.

meanwhile.. i've posted this one before, but i keep adding to it - funny how i keep going back in and re-adding to old sketches i've done,

thus i have to RE-scan finished sketchbook pages already dropped into the art books.  But maybe that will just make it more interesting, unless you got attached to an old version i did- too late. sorry.

i'm sure a lot of you guys to this.. keep re-doodling on an old drawing...

for better..... or sometimes, worse.


Bob Mussini said...

Love the "bird"... love the eyes!!

Dear Mr. Kieth,

Here I am again ... reading and looking, seeing your blog, drooling and savoring every word and rough that you show in this space.
Congrats. Your style is motivating for me...since 1991.
Thank you.
I would be very happy if you look at some of my drawings here http://blogdomussini.blogspot.com.br/
.... The oldest drawings, black and white, are always the result of your example ... Inspired by your style.
If you respond or comment something to me I'll be even happier.
A big hug
your Brazilian fan
Bob Mussini

the danman can said...

Love the expression on the bird.
He looks really pragmatic.

R.M.Rogers said...

Mr. Kieth, I always view your blog and have wanted to comment a million times but never have till now. I've been a fan of yours since the Maxx finding your blog has inspired me.
Your egret is awesome as all your work is! Mostly
this blog has inspired me to paint and draw and create again. I went through a period where I became completely uncreative while dealing with some personal demons (diagnosed PTSD) and had given up on ever feeling inspired again.
Your blog has inspired me, Ive been painting like a mad man. You've also taught me not to stress my mistakes which used to bum me out but now I'm learning to enjoy them and the chaos they bring. Thank you so much and I cant wait to read Hollows. Im not sure what else to say or how to end this so thank you for your work and your blog from a truly inspired fan.

R.M.Rogers said...

P.S. you also introduce me to artist I've never heard of before and I adore them all. Jon Wayshak, Alex Pardee, Jenny Saville, Moebius, Rene Gruau, Jeffery Catherine Jones all amazing like you.

Lucas Irineu said...

Awesome. Also great to see you posting some birds, you rarely post animals here, birds even more so. :D

Marcus Collar said...

PLEASE PLEASE put an egret in the Hollows if possible?

so amazing!! I cant tell you how inspiring your animal stuff can be the buffalo months ago and this as well

growing up my stiff old step Dad entered a picture of an egret int he Napa county fair, before that I thought he was just some crachity old dentist who would never I understand art. After that I really learned that I knew nothing about people and I was a punk ass teenager. Kinda sounds like a Sam Kieth yarn lol...

your drawing instantly transported me to that time in my life thank you freakin amazing

Sam Kieth said...

Hey gang,

Bob, thanks for the link to your cool art - always love to check out and inspired by what other artists are up too!

Danman, he does look pragmatic doesn't he?

R.M. ..no worries, some comment, some don't. It's cool either way.. again, if anything i try inspires you, awesome! If it wasn't for all our Personal Demons I bet we'd have a lot less art in this world to pick and choose from. Heck.. It's therapy for me too.

Lucas, yeah, funny i draw so few birds isn't it? huge variety out there too..

Marcus, Egret in the Hollows? I'll see what i can do. I keep trying to work Egrets and other animals into some children's books i'm fiddling with..

Yeah, they're majestic and sometimes almost ... surreal looking creatures aren't they?

jennifer kraska said...

Oh hell yeah! Love stick birds! They are amazing creatures. Like your take on them. I think it's fun to exaggerate their features :)

Enjoyable post as always. Did I read right?...another blog? Do you sleep?

cody said...

Love the expressions and poses, and like everyone else said already awesome egret, really like your animal art.

jennifer kraska said...

A Sam Keith children's book? Yes please!
No, really.... Please.

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