Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Quickie John started.

Here's a little one.  Literally a small picture.  The other one he drew on cardboard ~ which i posted a ways back, and *this* little sucker is the last one.

Way$hak did this one only about 5 or 6 inches wide.

It's pretty much done as is.. so kinda put off finishing it. Because i sorta like it, as is.

So here's an idea.. ever do this as a kid...

 ...cover up half or parts of a page, then ink or color it,

.. THEN peal off to see the contrast?  Might be fun to try.

Add some colored pencil..

a few different colors..

maybe some marker?

work in a little brow detail..

add some raw looking...

 ...grease pencil marks too.

dash of watercolor... acrylic highlights...

now to peal the surface paper off.

you know, no matter how much your mind knows there'll be a stark contrast,

it's always a shock to see... ! It even looks weird to me, and i draw it - (well, along with Jon.)

Not a perfectly solid clean line...

...yeah... some of the marker and colored pencil DID sneak through,

...but that's okay.

So there we are. Here's the cardboard one, and this smaller one together.

I promise i'm not plugging the Juxtapoz mag again, it just made a nice backdrop for this smaller picture - yeah, i'm a whore, but not that big a whore.  Okay. Maybe i am. never-mind.

( Note: ...forgot to upload the pic of both before, so here they are! )


Derek Oberg said...

Haha. Whore away, Sam. That's amazing. I love the contrast.

Rafael Only said...

I agree with Derek... Amazing is just the word! You can really break minds in too many pieces.
Nice to see you, Sam!

Aaron Desira said...

This reminds me of the kalidascope blimp whale in the max when he is tripping between julies world and the real world. Someone had to mention that old chestnut right? Always a treat Sam. Thanks

cody said...

need to try this one.

Arjan said...

This is the stuff that makes me keep coming back to your blog, Sam! The cover-up experiment turned out really well. Both yours and Jon's style mix so damn well! I'd love to see an actual book the two of you did... no rules, no holds barred, just for the fun of it!

Sam Kieth said...

Thanks Derek, Rafael, everyone...

Aaron, your kinda right about the split worlds like in that old maxx 'air-whale' panel... the alternate worlds bit.

Arjan, far as Jon and i a book... that's sorta what Chickens will become once were finished, a whole book, both collecting the online strips.. plus try to throw in some NEW crap to make it worth picking up.

But meanwhile... yeah, our blogs the best chance to keep tabs on us.

Btw: Wow, i had no idea that darned Egret would be so popular.. I mean, it was fun to draw... but you never know what will strike others.

Lee Kalba said...

Hey Sam, I found some nifty, old, textured, patterned paper the other day. You might like it for something, knowing your collage stuff, if you want to email me with PO box or something, so I can mail it to you.
L.Kalba.X at gmail

Christine Larsen said...

This is a really great post. I love the contrast you built up in that sectioned off panel. Your mixed media work continues to inspire. I keep pointing my illustration students at your blog for technique ideas.

Sam Kieth said...

Hey Lee, I'd love to check that textured paper out - I don't have a P.O. box, but you can pass it along to my old pal Dave Downey's comic shop and i'll pick it up next time i see him.

Here's the address:

Dave Downey - (c/s sam kieth)
Worlds Best Comics
2608 Watt Ave Sacramento, CA 95821


Christine didn't know you were a teacher too! Inspiring to know it's reaching out to so many folks!
Thanks again.


Anonymous said...

Wow, great!

drend said...

supercool! *//* oh man, i can't wait to try this out myself!

as a side note: i came through here and rediscovered your brilliance thanks to tim kelly who wrote a wonderful little something on you and your art on facebook and needless to say, i'm utterly thrilled that he did! : )