Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Quickie John started.

Here's a little one.  Literally a small picture.  The other one he drew on cardboard ~ which i posted a ways back, and *this* little sucker is the last one.

Way$hak did this one only about 5 or 6 inches wide.

It's pretty much done as is.. so kinda put off finishing it. Because i sorta like it, as is.

So here's an idea.. ever do this as a kid...

 ...cover up half or parts of a page, then ink or color it,

.. THEN peal off to see the contrast?  Might be fun to try.

Add some colored pencil..

a few different colors..

maybe some marker?

work in a little brow detail..

add some raw looking...

 ...grease pencil marks too.

dash of watercolor... acrylic highlights...

now to peal the surface paper off.

you know, no matter how much your mind knows there'll be a stark contrast,

it's always a shock to see... ! It even looks weird to me, and i draw it - (well, along with Jon.)

Not a perfectly solid clean line...

...yeah... some of the marker and colored pencil DID sneak through,

...but that's okay.

So there we are. Here's the cardboard one, and this smaller one together.

I promise i'm not plugging the Juxtapoz mag again, it just made a nice backdrop for this smaller picture - yeah, i'm a whore, but not that big a whore.  Okay. Maybe i am. never-mind.

( Note: ...forgot to upload the pic of both before, so here they are! )