Thursday, September 13, 2012

Just more weird Sam Crap...

One teaser image to hopefully grab your attention...

But it all began with this blurry little scribble.

I accidentally dropped this pen on it's tip, damaged it - which cause it to make two lines where it should make one.

Kinda cool effect it made, but once the inks runs out of this pen - that's it. I doubt dropping it on a hard plastic surface AGAIN... will make it split like this.

No idea where this eye will go, or the little scribble below it i've started.

But  since i'm overwhelmed by Hollows deadlines, i need to draw *something* TOTALLY  disconnected with a story this morning.

Funny how whatever your drawing, even if it's something you like, becomes a job. Finishing elbows, feet, and filling in panel borders.

that stuff WILL happen...but for this morning, i wanna totally screw this one drawing up.

Screw up the eyes in particular, even more so than usual.

Okay, here's where it really goes south... multiple eyes. Maybe the word is "surreal" rather than 'screw up', as it's pretty obviously deliberate isn't it?

Haven't seen the Juxtipoz interview yet.  Copies are coming. Vassillis wrote and said he'd read it already. Very weird to hear feedback from an interview you gave you haven't read yet.

All you can do is hope you don't make a total dork of yourself. But that's nothing new for me. Kinda a relief really, making mistakes.

Everyone having a blog is sorta like everything having their own yard sale in their front lawn. It's all out there, whatever you write or draw, for better or worse.  Exposed. shared.

Sorta like this face.

Heard from Josh Hagler too, he's doing good, such an amazing painter. He said my being willing to embrace my mistakes may be the greatest thing i have to offer fans. Sorta like a link between amateur  and professional artists. Self taught. Outsider art. Art Brut. Low brow.

if it's true, i'm flattered. Most of my favorite artists in other fields all dabbled in work that seems flawed or perilously close to chaos... Jim Jarmusch, Henry Darger, Don van Vliet, Steve Reich.

Not all those guys were self taught, but some of their work is abstract enough to cause a lot of people scratching their heads in dismay.

which isn't so bad, is it?


cody said...

This is so awesome love the eyes and lips, the colors give it lotz of depth. Thanks.

ant said...

there are some nice lines on there, and i like the light glaring off the lips, the reflections in the eyes... that eye on the left... creeps me out a bit.
And i read the juxtapoz interview as well. you did'nt sound dumb, it was a good piece, but nothing really new for those who religiously follow your blog here, not that that matters to us, we get a kickass sam interview about every week here!

AnkHknA said...

awesome as per usual Sam!! Keep 'em coming. & hey, weird 'crap' is a VERY good thing. it's why we're all here. our love of it. keep it coming. please, *laughs*

Marcus Collar said...

EGGS!! EGGS!! all I SEE is EGGS lol

pretty cool

I just love sunny side up eggs so not sure if its me but

can I have some toast?

It feels good to let go even with impending deadlines. It reminds you of why you even have a deadline. I love the quote from you "just trying to stay afloat"

stay in the zone it actually makes you a better artist and has a zen aspect that could be life saving

(I can rant I know)

Aaron Desira said...

I think you drew some of your deadline worries into this one sam. The lazy eye running away from its owners face. Or maybe im full of sh. Not a negitive comment though, of the best things about your blog is the suprises, and how you are willing to relate to wierdos like me. Thanks dude

José A. García said...

Awesome eyes, Sam, its a beatiful draw!

Good Luck!


theend43 said...

sheeesh, even when you "try" to mess something up, you end up w/ something more creative than i/we can on a 'good day' of "trying"! not tryin to blow smoke or anything but, i agree- embracing the flaws can only serve to make that "happy accident" you hear so much about but rarely see. you just never know when/where/how. like the song says "you have to go w/ the flow"

Christina Bryant said...

Yet more crap that is brilliant crap. Yes, I think your mistakes are something great that you have to offer us fans because they seem to give you permission to be intensely free and playful. And that energy just leaps off the page, like those eyes. Please keep making mistakes. :D

Lutz A.D. said...

man, i really love this piece Sam!!

Danouro said...

this is frigging sick, sam! Awesome!

Alexandra Nash said...

I'm hoping to able to have as rick a style as yours! The colors and the lighting, just little dabs on the nose and eyes are beautiful. I love the organic style with the wispy hair and seemingly mold-like textures you create.

You are definitely one of my greatest inspirations! (Sorry if that sounds totally groopie or brown-nosing hehe....)

drend said...

marvelous work this, marvelous. <3

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