Sunday, October 7, 2012

Two Kids on a Tree Stump.

What's all this about?

Just another commission that needed finishing up. 

as if you probably already noticed, this is a tree stump.   my usual style of a slightly olive green and brown tree... with orange-ish spotted 'shrooms hugging the edges... 

...this was done for a nice guy who asked me to draw his kids into a similar picture to the one i did below. 

Remember this one? 'Dana and popette', ( which by the way Alex Pardee will be making into a print.. thanks dude! ) 

Back to the new painting: This kids I tend to draw sorta have that Calvin and Hobs feel, ( with those 'little orphan annie' eyes  and use lush brusk strokes ). 

But there's a little of me in here too. Hopefully. As you can see i'm lavishing way to much detail on this stupid tree stump.. enough already - time to move on. 

I'm neglecting the rest of the tree... let alone the kids on top of it! 

This little boy is supposed to be holding a stuffed mouse. 

The little girl will need dark curly hair.  If i wasn't drawing super heros, or weird scribbles in my sketchbooks, i'd probably revert to drawing this kinda stuff. Way$sack was telling me he feels like my stuff has less Testosterone in it than in the old Maxx or Wolvie days. It's probably true. 

Maybe i just made peace with my femme-girly-soft-pink-plush-toy side? 

Whatever it is... I suspect whatever harsh edge of i have left inside me... come out in a different form now... less macheesemo and big guys beating each other up, and more emotional conflicts. 

Okay - one kid down... one to go...  weird seeing an uncolored figure.. sorta like all the life is sapped out of it. 

Funny how color really pumps life into everything, doesn't it?

okay, upside down... so I don't drag my palm across the page and smear it.

Now let's add some trees up top. 

Wet in wet... not too detailed because the focus is the kids and tree stump, *not* the trees. 

Hmm... that mouse he's holding is pretty big...  yikes, hope the mouse doesn't look too much like a rat. 

Oh well. Too late to sweat it now... just need to let the trees dry before shipping it out. 

Also, if your at New York Comic con... my old buds Way$ack, Alex Pardee and Skinner will be there.  Drop by and say "hey" for me, if you happened to run into them. 

Okay, onto Tomorrow's posts now..