Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Lost in trees... mostly..

Loose idea that stared as a Tree coming out of some rocks,

but instead, sorta became a woman at the last minute ..

it's layered, the creaminess of oily pastels.  some wet in wet..

..a little acrylic, some gouache, which i usually don't use much of for some reason.  You'd think i'd use gouache more... being so partial to watercolors as i am. 

kinda quiet last week..

i mean, i'm working like a maniac as usual. i just mean not much editor or freelancer contact, as lots of people flying back from NY comic con on Monday and probably fried on Tues. which is fine, can be left to myself.

not sure where this is going..  ( i know, what's up with the spots? no idea. )

this one has a sorta melancholily to it, but maybe that's just me.

 ..not sure this is coming out how i envisioned, but that's a losing battle. Trying to control what happens on a blank page.

i mean, how can now can we take credit it for what is often 90 percent accidental? Including spots? that's about it for this one.. leave well enough alone.

Yes, i admit, i AM always trying to aim for  *something* when i paint something,

but it's too.... harsh to hate what comes out... just because it's not what i envisioned. not anymore.

sorta like hating your children, isn't it?

every piece we do it somewhat our 'kids' aren't they?

Some a little wonky, and other's surprise us.

doesn't mean we have to love everything we do, does it?

sometimes it sings, sometimes it sobs.

sorry Chick.


Aaron Desira said...

Hi Sam,

I love these, of course. And in the last shot your scrapbook off to the right there and all its Samish notes, liquid gold for the eyes i say. The lady is great, you are always talking about a desire to transition into a minimalist artist- away from detail for details sake ( even though your detail makes the onlooker drunk via the eyes) and i think youve achieved that minmalisim with her. I would have turned her smoking hair rising up into a big mess that took up the rest of the painting but what came out of you was just the thought and no filler. I saw a documentry about cave paintings and that in countries far apart the cavemen drew animals with dots going all through them. The conclusion of the doco, why this was possible to occur in different cultures was that if you shut your eyes you see the shapes of the room you are in, when you sever the link between eyes and brain, and they fade in your mind and often as they dissolve they become what appears to be a series of moving dots- kind of looks just like what you painted on her and they are often a blue hue when i notice them too. Make sense?

Keep it up
You deserve coffee and dougnuts.

Thanks sam,

the danman can said...

Sam's goin' all phallic on us.

jlosacco said...

Wow, just wow. I love to see how your mind works when you let it wander. That woman is probably one of my favorite pieces you've ever done.

Keep up the great work.

Curtis said...

long time listener, first time caller,

terrific post. especially appreciate the chick corea reference. it's funny to me that i have that album on a work playlist but have never thought of the title in this context. thank you.

theend43 said...

gotta try in order to fail. but even in failure there's still something to behold, and perhaps build off of later. what's the old saying? "better to try and fail than to not have tried at all" or something like that. and yeah, that middle piece is a *bit* phallic ;)

Pierce Youatt said...

Hey - I'm a long time fan and just wanted to thank you for all the work you've done over the years. The way you play with reality has fascinated me since I first stumbled across Maxx. Somehow, your art always seems to hit me right in the gut. Not sure how else to put it. Anyway, you've been a diversion and an inspiration, and I even slipped a Maxx reference into my work. I know that's not where you are anymore, but I'd love to gift you a copy. Thanks for turning out such awesome stuff!

cody said...

Really awesome Sam, love the girl it's funny when one attempts to draw one thing but then sees something else and then it becomes something new, kinda when people look at wood fence , rocks or other random stuff and see pictures in the grain (or maybe just me), I always have that problem where I go to draw a fish or whatever then I think it looks like a robot or something random then it becomes the exact opposite but in a good way,

jennifer kraska said...

Cool. Always cool. I'm very partial to your tress.
So does she have those giraffe things growing out of her head or what?

Marcus Collar said...

I feel like you remind us that it's not all plotting and hype and stress art is still just being a youthful in your mind and letting the work be alive, lie a child.

Inspiring as always haven't been on the page much been working my ASS off thanks for all the inspiration!!

you rock Sam!