Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Museum Book EXISTS .. it's PRINTED and Everything!!!!!!!!

 SPREAD THE WORD - the Museum reception's less than TWO WEEKS away!!! 

APRIL 27TH - 11AM - 2PM ( ...or whenever the crowds thin out ) ; )

 Not sure how many folks will come, but even if it's a smaller crowd, (those can be cool too. More intimate) either way, it's 7 bucks to get it, but it's for a good cause (the Museum)  And i'll do a doodle in your Museum book if you want! Or just stop in and say 'hey' if your in the bay area that Saturday. 

Here's a Facebook link Andrew Farago at the museum threw up. 

MUSEUM BOOK IS OUT!!!! kay. Well, it's not 'available' yet... this is edirot-writer Chris Ryall who sent me proof that, hell yeah... IDW did get some copies fresh from the printer!  Even I haven't got a copy in the mail yet...

...but we know it DOES exist....s in some form, cause he's holding the sucker!  ~ Thanks buddy.

Been distracted by getting the other book too... the BIG one... Worlds of Sam: which is nearly ready for the printer too.. It's actually ballooned since i took this picture to 240 pages to closer to 250 ( ... I keep finding cool stuff to add to it too, that's a good problem right?)

Plus here's some budget pictures of the Worlds art book PDF... on my monitor, (which is why camera flashes and monitors don't mix)..

Here's another one from page from the book...... this Cat is neil. I think of him that way after that Charity book story i did. I'll take screen shoots next time so their better quality.

Once the Museum reception thing's over... should get back to a regular rhythm... on all fronts.  Sorry If i've been distracted lately. I know your all 'out there'... thanks for holding the fort while i try to juggle everything.

Also, if your a retailer and are wondering where your Hollows Incentive Covers are???  - I promise i AM making my way through the HUGE  batch of those too- honest! That many blank Hollows covers might intimidate a weaker comic artists... but working my way thru 'em - promise! 

Thanks everyone!  
- Sam