Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Museum Reception Pics..

Saturday was awesome! SPECIAL THANKS to everybody involved in putting the whole show on..

.. on mostly to all of YOU for stopping by!

I managed to grab a few pics before the museum opened early morning,

This was the first time I'd seen all the art framed too.  Everyone was super patient with the line, which I tried to keep moving to make sure everyone got something signed at least.

Here's one of the magic boxes, moss and all.  This, and other Trout matters will be explained in "The Big Book of Trout" coming out from IDW next year. ( ..shameless plug much? )

I wish I'd taken more of the folks in line, but once i sat down it was all a blur and i was too busy signing or sketching.  Couldn't really absorb it all on Saturday. Think I should come back on my own when it's there's less people for a second look?  Not in an ego way. Just to... digest it a little?

You'll recognize this guy. These first sandman sketches, and the cover to Maxx 1 never made it into the Museum book, but nearly everything else in the show did.

This plaque below it pretty much explains it, in case you didn't see it in the Absolute Sandman.

Here's the page where Neil picked out the helmet they liked best. Notice I hadn't yet learned Karen's name yet - on the left. Collectors are always after me to sell these two, probably because they were the first two 'approved sketches' of him. But I'd prefer to keep them.

It's interesting, I wonder if my later mixed media paintings sticks out from the old stuff?

Or does it kinda blend right in with the older art? I suppose anything an artist does shows some 'fingerprint' doesn't it? Be it drawn, built, modified, scrawled, screwed glued or tattooed.

Guess It'll always be unmistakably 'Sam-like' to my fans.

Here's a case containing a few more 'Trout Antiques'... plus the original art to the Museum book cover.

Here's what you see as you round the corner, explaining things a little. Weird to see your name so big on a wall... in person. Unsettling. Sorry this pic didn't catch the whole thing, but you get the idea..

Now if you turn to your left, here's the first thing you see, a wall of art, and that weird old box. Kinda a warning of the weirdness your in for.

Finally, yup, my name again up top. For some reason ... in this pic, it looks almost black here, doesn't it?

Weirdly (in the photo below) you can see my name clearly IS colored green against the same wall.  This was taken just before they opened the doors and everyone came flooding in.

I arrived a couple hours early to do those 25 sketches for people who paid. 

I know, some people got sketches for free, but that why i wanted to do a extra nice job for those who paid for a book in advance. 

You never know in advance with a sketch do you? Hit and miss. It's just whatever ... happens to comes out of the pen/pencil in that moment. 

Here's my buddy Josh Hagler, a painter in his own right who's standing in front of a few more Maxx covers. I should have taken some of these... maybe next time.

So much for the budget virtual tour, and again thanks for coming and all those who donated to the Museum, it's for a good cause!



the danman can said...

Looks great!
Wish this could happen near me, in NH or MA!

Maritza S. Silvas said...

Thank you sooo much for coming out to the bay! such an awesome experience to meet you in person and see your original work :D Cheers!

Jason Estep said...

Sam... What can I say really? I drove with my wife and friends from about 20 miles north of Seattle just to come see you and get a couple signatures. It was every bit worth the trip and I would do it again and again. You were friendly and humble at the same time. Thank you so much for everything. I got the book and signatures from me and you will NOT see them for sale anywhere. I will follow the blog and wait for the next appearance and hopefully my work will allow the trip again. I can't even express how amazing it was to meet my MOST FAVORITE artist. Thank you. thank you. thank you.
Jason E

Casey Crowe said...

Wow! This looks amazing Sam. I see an LA/SF roadtrip in my very near future....

jennifer kraska said...

Looks awesome Sam!

The Maxx said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Luis Escamilla said...

Hi Sam!!!! I'm a big fan from Mexico!!! I couldn't make it to the art exhibition, but I bought the catalog (Doodle edition) I am very excited to see what sketch I will receive!

Thanks for everything you made, all your art, stories, etc.

Been a hardcore fan since I was 14 years old!

Arjan Renders said...

Looks absolutely awesome Sam! Isn't it weird that putting a nice frame around art gives it a whole new vibe? I mean, it's still your recognizable comicbook art, but seeing it up there on the walls gives it even more strength and glory. Well deserved. Too bad I couldn't see this in person, but these pics give a good impression. Thanks for putting them up here!

jennifer kraska said...

The anticipation is killing me! Can't wait it see what is in my doodle edition!

Lutz A.D. said...

amazing work as always sam. wish i could have been there. i've been drooling over your work since i was a kid. hope i get to see your art up close someday...

Michael said...

Thank you for the Uncle Sam sketch sir. Your work is amazing and it was a pleasure meeting you.

cody said...

Looks awesome Sam, bummed that I missed this but will definetley make it up before it closes. those artifacts and boxes look so good can't wait to see them up close

Mightyduke said...

Such a wonderful day!! Thank you so much Mr. Kieth!! Seeing the artwork in person is breathtaking. The people in line were really nice. It was very nice of you to draw a sketch for everybody. I love the capian should one you did for me!! It was a pleasure to finally meet you.

Thanks again,

jennifer kraska said...

My book came today!!!! (Anticipation was killing me)
Thanks Sam!
Trying to find a way to get out there and see all that great stuff with my own eyes, but the book is really nice.

Marcus Collar said...

"Screwed, Glued, and Tattooed" should be a future Trout BOOK!!

wonderful posts as always sorry I missed all this at the museum but great pics really awesome to see a peek even if we didn't make it!

keep on keeping!

Justin Curfman said...

Hi Sam,

Would you be interested in doing an audio interview via Skype or telephone for a podcast based in Salzburg, Austria on contemporary art & the humanities? I would love to have you profiled on the show as the first American to be chronicled there.

Please email us if you have the time and might be interested in participating:


Mit freundlichen Grüßen aus Österreich,

Justin Curfman

cody said...

Any one interested the art of sam kieth is available for order at barnesandnoble

Mas said...

Hey Sam,

Just wanted to give you a heads up. Someone's using your art uncredited as their own.


Cloud9 said...

Hi Sam,
Figured I'd check in and fill you in on what I was feeling. I had a bad day. A real shitter. Not to say other people don't have it worse because they do. For me; today kinda sucked. So eventually I make my way back home, open my internet browser, and what comes to my mind? The best thing that would remedy this day would be to see some new Kieth artwork. I visit your blog on the regular. Frequent it more times than it's updated. Now this isn't a grieving e-mail in any way. But I want to direct the matter to what your artwork does for me, and what it does for the many others who admire it. For me, your work is a place where frustrations and woes unleash themselves in a very impromptu style. Your issues projected for others to relate to. I love your art work. Long before I realised that comics have the potential to express these emotions. Apart from the story, but also in the images as well. Anyways, thanks for the blog, thanks for reading this, and thanks for everything else you put out there and share with us. Justin

John Holland said...

It's good to see you, or at least see you as much as I can in this way :)
Hope you haven't forgotten me completely, but it's John: Agatha Moore and a few other things from the days of way way back. Nice art show. How have you been? Just surfing the net and found you and wanted to say hi. Hope all is going great.

kulhain said...

I was so bummed that I couldn't attend this.

Today I found out that you're going to have a panel at Comic-Con SD and I'll get to see you there. Thanks for attending that convention!

Doug Griffith said...

Hey Sam, long time no talk. I just read that you're re-releasing your original Maxx work. I worked with you on all of it and have a bunch buried deep in DAT tapes. Let me know and I can try to dig it up. I hope all is well, Doug (the original Art Director @ Image Comics)


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