Monday, April 22, 2013

Reception Answers ... & Some New Art!

Museum Questions? Here's some cool  ***ANSWERS***  Andrew Farago put together... that should address answer almost all of any questions/concerns about the Saturday's Reception/Signing.

Okay, With all this Museum details distracting everyone... I bet some of you who aren't going would love to get back to some ART on this friggin' blog for a change, eh?

I've got several pieces going at once, but this one came together after several weeks of Creative Lull..

This one started out quite the mess... no visual focus... so I tried to stop all the abstract textures at the bottom... and leave some black space up top.

That's what brought me to colored pencils.. some of which really pop against black bristol.

My goal here is to balance out the mixed media chaos at the bottom of the canvas...

..with some firework of energy, curves and explosion of little lines.. be it white, teal, orange. whatever.

It's hard to know what to throw up sometimes, my biggest job is to edit, because like us all a lot an artists draws really can miss the mark. This piece included.  A lot is subjective in why someone hates/loves/indifferent to an abstract.

But the biggest goal is to break paralysis. Any line, art or mistake is at least a choice, an action. Beats the hell out of inaction. Molasses.  Failure fears. Ruts we all get sidelines into.

So.. this should propel me into he signing, then i'll see what else I can throw up after Saturday.

If your there, i'll see you then.

If not, then just kick back, enjoy the Museum Book and Interview in it..

..and we'll catch up sometime in-person, at least once before i croak, promise!
- Sam