Tuesday, July 16, 2013

San Diego Sched. & some Special Maxx Projects in the works...

Lot of Milestones this year: I've learned better than to fight people's nostalgia fix regarding the purple guy.  Same with the Sandman.  Weird that this SDCC is the Sandmans' 25th Anniversary... and Maxx's 20th. This DC Sandman panel I'm on on Saturday, will be the the first time I've seen Neil in person since Mike and I first met him in San Francisco some 20 years ago... back when the Sandman first started.  

Given my reclusive nature, possibly the last too. So at the risk of indulging in sentiment too, IDW will have some Big News at Comic Con... news that will hopefully fulfill *some* of that need for nostalgia. 

Not all... but some. : ) 


San Diego Comic Con  SCHEDULE, 2013   


6: 00-7:00 pm - Evening Signing: IDW Booth (#2643): Worlds of Sam Kieth  
(Check out the show-exclusive hardcover!... plus you can check out the regular version of the Hard cover too!)



1:00-2:00 pm:  Signing, IDW Booth (#2643)

* 3:30-4:00 pm:  Panel: Sam Kieth Special Announcement. Room 4 

 4:00-5:50  Oni - Signing - Booth (#1833)

(Check out the show-exclusive Dana and Nola print!.. and some preview Pages from the upcoming "Nola" Graphic Novel!) 


11:00 am-12:00 noon:  Signing, with Chris Ryall at IDW Booth (#2643)

* 4:00-5:00 pm:  IDW Panel - Sam alongside Various IDW Creators - Room 4 



10:00-11:00 am:  Signing, IDW Booth (#2643)

* 3:15-4:15 pm:  Sandman 25th Anniversary Panel, Room  6DE

* 5:00-6:00 pm:  Sam Kieth 'Overview of Career' Panel, Room 9 



11:00 am-12:00 noon:  Signing, IDW Booth (#2643) 

1:00: - 1:45…??? - Dark Horse Signing with John Layman - Dark Horse Booth (#2615) 

DOODLES: The only way I'm gonna get through all Four Days I'm afraid I'll have to do small doodles rather than any full sketches. Here's what a doodle looks like. If you aren't thrilled with it just throw it up on ebay for a few bucks. But remember.. there are easier ways to make a few bucks than to stand in line for an hour for a friggin' doodle!  : ) 

I'll be signing at the booths, and the Panels are mostly for info on various things or to ask questions. Course it's cool to being non IDW or Dark Horse Comics to get signed too. If you run into me on the floor, and you have ONE book with you want signed, that's cool. But more than one, I ask you please to use one of the times at the IDW book please. 

I know these things can be a little crazy, but I also know it's tough standing in line too. I APPRECIATE the hell out you doing so!!! Without comic fans, there would be no lines, no comic-cons and  comic creators in the first place. YOU guys and gals make all this stuff worth it. 

Together... we can get through the madness!!!!  

(Above) is a cool print I'll be signing at the Oni Booth too on Thursday.. i remember some fans said they wanted a print of this, so here's your chance!  

Now, onto other stuff... 


Here's a guy I drawn in almost 20 years.. ( outside of a few commissions )... 

There'll be some New Announcements at comic con about this. - (Note the new Maxx cover i did at the top of this blog... and thee one here.. ) 

I know i'll get tons of questions at comic con... over if I will EVER do a new Maxx series again??? 

I believe you already *know* the answer to that, given my feelings about it. 

Another reason why I've avoided it is, (and it's a good thing)... i'm a different guy now. A new Maxx story wouldn't really feel the same, because I'm not the same. 

And my guess is... your not the same either... if you picked up the a new Maxx today,  I bet you'd read and understand it differently than you would've in high school, right? 

I don't hate the Maxx, if i did i wouldn't have started drawing him in the first place. These covers i'm doing are my way to kinda prove why it's a good idea for me NOT to do any new Maxx comics. I'm doing you a favor, TRUST me... I'm even weirder now than i was in the maxx days..

So if i'm not doing any new Maxx series.. what's left then? Well.. that's what we'll explain at the con, (and i'll tell you some more on the blog, when i get back from the con.) - There's a TON of cool stuff planned.  Tons of odds and ends, unseen stuff that's overflowing from my closet and can spill out into various projects. 

Hopefully some Maxx buzz.. might draw Maxx fans to my Worlds are books too. Plus I'll meet with Kim and were getting serious about some New Toys ideas too. 

But Drawing Maxx again.. doesn't feel as horrible as i thought. It's actually kinda...weirdly.. FUN, (long as i don't think about it too much.)  Everything about how Maxx looks... is intuitively designed for me to enjoy the process... it is how I would draw everything if i could. Round backs. Huge feet. 

Here's my version of the infamous 'splat' i did for the cover of Maxx 1. 

You can see the feet of my characters widening back in the pre-Maxx days, all those textures on the boots in those old MCP covers on the back with Ghost Rider. 

Just following my sub conscious really. That's what the Maxx was about. He just has a new home now is all. 

Make you a deal, i won't rain on your Nostalgia parade about old Maxx stuff, just stay open to checking out newer stuff I do too, ( which i know... DUH... most of you do anyway!) 

So we'll explain all these new Maxx-related projects in detail the con and on the blog like i said.  And 'newer stuff' wise? .. next post will have more art book pages.. 

... see i wasn't totally spazzing out for the last three months!

Well, maybe a little bit. 


David Crowell said...

Thanks for all the pictures. Watching it come together like that is awesome and inspiring.

Jessica Hurst said...

Awesome! Awesome! Awesome! Can't wait to see what you do next with... (I'll say it softly not to make you cringe), maxx.

the danman can said...

Will always follow whatever you do Sam. Maxx or no Maxx.

Fernando Valencia said...

As long as you keep doing that crazy art with those beautiful spirals I wont care what you do I'll visually eat it up.

Squeaky said...

Any chance you'll be at dragon*con, this year or in the future?

Kamil Wywrocki said...

pleasure for my eyes

Kirk Clawes said...

Sam, I'll have you know that you're right. When I read The Maxx now it has a different meaning than it did when I was a kid in high school. Incredibly, it has a much bigger impact on me now than it did then because I thankfully matured enough to hopefully "get" some of what you were going for.

If you never go back to that world, I understand. But if you do, I'm sure how you've matured will be welcome additions. Either way, I'll continue supporting you.

Kyle C said...

The Maxx was hugely important to my teenage self. The Maxx, and Alan Moore's Swamp Thing both had an impact on who I am today; Maxx from a psychological point, and Swamp Thing from an Existential point. Reading those comics changed my life and allowed me to cultivate depth. I was finally able to hunt down all the issues and read the life story of Mr. Gone which is so MOVING! Whether or not you return to The Maxx his legacy remains.

In a slightly unrelated question; would you ever do a Swamp Thing story? (like with your batman/lobo and hulk/wolverine stories)Your weirdness and the weirdness of the Swamp thing would mesh nicely. It would be cool to pair him with someone unexpected (like batman/lobo) i think Dr. Fate would be cool. William Messner-Loebs worked on Dr. Fate before he worked on the Maxx with you. He might be interested. And I know you could make Abigail Arcane a strong female protagonist!

Wishing you the best in all your endeavors.

Beast Man said...

Hi Sam,

I'm not sure if you remember me or not, but both me and my (very pregnant) partner Caitlin, have been at both your signings in the NorCal area over the last couple of months (once at Worlds Best Comics and again at the Cartoon Art Museum). Meeting you and your mother was the highlight of our Spring and because your mom asked for us to keep in contact with you i wanted to drop you a line to give you an update on our baby who we've decided to name Sam. (I'll always stick to the story that i wanted him named after you, although the mom may say otherwise)

I wanted to make sure this was the right way to contact you without having your email on file. Not for any particular reason, but rather to give you an update on baby Sam that we spoke to you about last time we met at the Cartoon Art Museum. Caitlin is doing well and is at the 40 week mark, so shes ready to pop any minute now as we anxiously await little Sammy coming into the world. In fact we've also discussed when he would be able to meet you himself, a nice Sam meets Sam photo op would make for great fun. We often speak about you and your mother and how warm and inviting you both were, absolute class acts all the way.

We have pictures we'd like to send over but wanted to ask you if you could shoot me an email (dmn9@georgetown.edu) with your proper and correct email before i start sending over ultrasound pictures unknowingly, lol.

Let me know and keep me posted,

Thanks Sam!

Dave and Caitlin

jennifer kraska said...

That last piece in the post is particularly gorgeous! Love the watercolor-y bit in the background.

the JoeL said...

That last piece was awesome? Is it for sale? How about the Maxx #1 re-creation?

champloo said...

so cool that you are back to the cyberworld Sam, and with this excellent remake of The Maxx cover! by the way, will your artbook be licensed to release on latinamerica? or i will have to order it online if i wish to have a copy of it? greetings man!

Jenny said...

My husband just picked up your SDCC exclusive (he was there at 6pm, while I sit in NC with our 3 young boys.) I was completely bummed that I wasn't able to attend this year- it would be great to meet the elusive Sam Kieth. :)

After reading your interview in the museum book, I really took notice of the section where you mentioned that we all have our "favorites" and there's nothing that anyone, not even the creator/artist/writer, can do to change our starry-eyed vision of these favorites. Maxx will always have a special place in my heart- your Maxx books were why I really got into comics to begin with- but I LOVE what you've done since then. The mixed media stuff is phenomenal and it would be amazing to have one of your 3D pieces showcased in my home.

Keep on evolving and I'll keep reading.

Adam S. Messinger said...

Holy crap! That looks incredible! It really struck me how you stated that you're weirder now than you were when you were making The Maxx. I think that's friggin awesome. I love that your comics take the whole "you can do anything in comics" and explore your ideas to the fullest. It would be awesome to see a one-shot or something that would show how you would approach the world of The Maxx and those characters now. You're probably the only creator that I believe sneezes gold.

gubia said...

i grew up watching the maxx and it was definitely a huge catalyst for my 14 year old self to consider making art as a way of life/career... i feel lucky to share my thoughts with you now. thank you.

Ty Massei said...

I only had a one day pass for ComicCon and was overjoyed to finally get to meet you Thursday. The line for IDW was full 15 minutes before and not structured very well at all and I barely missed the cut after someone realized there was another line. I showed up 40 minutes before the Vertigo signing (only catching 10 mins of the IDW panel) and was #2... unfortunately, something happened and we find out an hour and forty minutes you were unable to do the signing. I picked up the con exclusive art of Sam Kieth for you to sign.

I have no entitlement and mostly wanted to thank you in person for your blog and communication with fans like myself, particularly over the last year or so. I was wondering if you were going to be anywhere else in the next few days, although this time must be very stressful; I happen to live in San Diego and thought i'd give it a try.

Either way, thanks again, I love the new book.

Ty Massei said...

^ Meant Oni booth signing.

Cloud9 said...

very cool seeing how you paint The Maxx now-a-days!

skidone said...

I waited in line to see you on Sunday at the IDW booth, bummed to hear you couldn't be there, but picked up your new book, love it, your sketchbook pieces are "artworks" all to themselves with all the notes and written out thoughts, those should be framed! Since the Maxx days you've been a huge inspiration in my own art, which I do full time, even had my own table at SDCC... keep on doin what you're doin, looking forward to more MAXX, and future books.

John S said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
John S said...

Thanks for sharing the different WIP photos of the Maxx piece. Very nice. (This would make a great print... :)

I've never been to SDCC but I read all the good news of the upcoming Maxx HC's, Artist Edition etc. I can't wait.

Sean F said...

Hey Sam,

I'm a moderator for the Sketch Battle page at inter-comics.com and I want to celebrate the anniversay of The Maxx by having one of the battles centered around your book.
I would love to have your blessing on doing it before proceeding though.


I'm loving the sketchbook vol.1 I've just picked up and can't wait for The Maxx artist edition to be released.

Marcus Collar said...

WOWZA I have missed a lot!! Didn't even know you we're at Sand Diego...Someone needs to make you a fan page on the face books...hmmmmm...

how do we get a copy of the book what's the best venue?

come stop by at Stockton-con on SUnday aug 4th and say hello!!!

cody said...

Love those maxx pieces almost have an organic feel to them.

brettfes said...

greetings sam
i attended sdcc this year, but because there is so much to do everywhere... i left meeting you until sunday and then you were not at the IDW booth at the signing time. if you could give me an email, i would appreciate knowing if i could arrange to send the very few books that i wanted to get signed to you. i would pay all cost associated with including return and it would mean alot to me. email me and we can discuss further.

sean said...

you've probably heard every Maxx suggestion out there but... you once said something about having people keep issues 1-20 and forget the rest... ever think of just redoing the rest of the story: keep the same basic idea, the same ending, put all the side stories with brother moose and the rest in a friends of maxx collection or something but tighten up (and expand) the sara and older maxx and julie story? Not start it over or say the older version never happened, just refocus? im sure you've heard it but I've never said it...

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