Saturday, March 8, 2014

he Maxx Vol. 1 Limited Edition Book

IDW Limited, (and well... ME....).. are announcing:  

The Maxx Vol. 1 Limited Edition book  book (Ltd to 25 copies ) which you can get on March 11.  

Each book will be limited to 25 copies and will include an original piece of *Sketch Art* - by me, Sam, featuring one of the characters from the Maxx Universe.  Each copy will also be signed by me, (Sam again), and will be printed in an exclusive oversized format.  Just to be clear, these are Maxx 1-4 of the recolored comics. Also this will have 6-8 pages of maxx sketches in the back.  But this will *not* have any extra unpublished pages. Some collectors  don't want that stuff, so for folks who liked Limited runs, signed copies, and Original Sketches... this is for them. 

Cost per copy will be $495. 

For any questions, drop a line to Nate Murray who manages IDW's marketing. He's a cool guy. 


Now, the 25 sketches I do... ? Remember, they won't always be Maxx or Julie. 

Sometimes maybe just an outback creature. 

Some have a little color, some not - but more or less i will try to throw in some Maxx related theme.. trees, creatures, whatever. 

Here's some maxx cover's i'm still finishing.  Still kinda raw, eh? 

.. I'm so behind in everything right now. 

I'll try to post some of these other 25 sketches in the next few months... so you can see if what your getting.  Now not everybody's gonna wanna buy a book with a sketch, that's why there's only 25 being made. 

If you miss this round.. remember there's 35 Maxx issues, 4 issues a trade… so that's something like 9 Vols. of these books, so there's a few more chances you can snag a sketch in there somewhere.  Not trying to gouge you guys, but since it's so rare i do commissions anymore,  this gives the rest of you a chance to get something not as pricey as a commission. 

A lot of people are worried I've softened my resistance to the maxx. But don't worry - I still hate it, honest. Actually i was thinking about this... the only reason drawing Maxx again feels so easy... is because i deigned him myself. The shape, color, cartoony-ness, rawness... is all something that comes natural to me. 

Unlike Marvel and DC super heros, no one will ever be able to tell me i drew Maxx wrong, because it's too late, it's already looks goofy and screwed up. 

The design is so simple... anybody can do it! 

This is probably one of my favorite painted maxx cover's i've done so far. 

In case you wondered... the reason she has two left feet, is because the original Maxx comic page i stupidly drew Julie with two left feet... so now I'm STUCK painting it that way.... * sigh * Serves me right, eh? 


Here's a goofy diagram i made that either may help... or just confuse you further. 

Down the road, for fans who wanna skip popping the extra money a Limited Sketch version?  Well, sometime next year we'll have some "Absolute" style trades that include EVERYTHING.. in "Maxximized Deluxe" version.  It'll be cheaper, will have all the letters pages ( missing from the wildstorm trades), Maxx 1/2 and all sorts of added goodies. This one's less for Limited edition collectors . . . and more for the general reader who wants the story with a few extras.

Meanwhile, for the hard core fans who don't want those extras, and may never get a sketch from me at a comic con… the The Limited gives you a shot at that.  Plus, if you don't wanna pop for sketch version, don't worry.. just wait a few months and you can buy a cheaper version of the same Limited four issues, only *without* a sketch/signature on IDW's site too. 

And remember... on't feel obligates to buy ANY of these.. that's why we made the single issues, which are cheapest of all! ( this is why i suck at 'selling' myself,  and am better of relegated to the drawing table. )  

To everyone else in the comments - thanks. If you wanna use my art for tattoos, GO or it, just grab something from one of the books.  More ART.... and less 'talking' next time. Promise. 


Here's another unfinished one... ( see last image on the left ) - 

...on the other hand... maybe it IS done already? Less is more????? 

Or am i just being lazy? You tell me.