Saturday, July 4, 2015

Fifteen minutie BATS drawing for Charity.

Something for the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund auction.

Well it's not 'anything' at all yet.. is it?

But i often work better under a deadline, so i'm clocking myself on this sucker.  Trying to do it in under 20 minutes.

Batman's has a better chance of moving in an auction than most stuff i might dream up..

This isn't that big, maybe 5 inches by 7?  It's also drawn on same textured paper i sometimes use... you'll see what i mean once i add some color to it.

Yuk - this gooey little 'ink blob' is what happens when India ink sits too long in the ink bottle.

Okay, added some pen detail. but still very rough around his mask. There's that paper texture i was talking about.. We're gonna try to make it work for us when I add some more blue to his mask.

Yeah, my old ink pad trick again. I could probably smooth out the rough texture with colored inks or watercolors, but that defeats the point.

Okay, this was what i was going for, regardless of how unfinished it looks, i wanted his mask to sort of blend into the paper's background.

Here's how it's shaping up. Also added a few white highlights on his nose... forehead.

Might have overdone those... but too late now. It's 14 minutes in so far, but i bet i wasted a couple of minutes snapping pics while drawing.

It's nothing to brag about, drawing is obviously not a race.

I've also slowed down a lot over the years.  I'll sometimes toil away on a cover for weeks. The challenging bit is, sometimes 'taking more time', doesn't always make it a better piece of art.  Sometimes - yikes, it gets worse! Sometimes a good drawing is knowing when to quit.

As we all know, creativity... the 'muse'...  is fickle... and as we age, more and more illusive.

Oh yeah..

one last thing i forgot....

... there!